Monday 4th July 2016

Our relaxing holidays have continued. Yesterday was very quiet – everyone was tired after staying up late on Saturday so no one really wanted to do much. Today everyone was a bit perkier, so Jericho and Soren had fun playing together and spending their poker chips, and Nicholai took Luna for a walk and spent time on his computer.

I watched a few episodes of Wife Swap and did a lot of knitting. Jericho watched them with me today, which I love. It’s much more fun having him being all shocked at the extreme behaviours and telling me what he thinks about the rule changes, rather than watching by myself! It’s actually really interesting listening to what he thinks about it, and the way he relates it to our family and our rules. He’s quite a deep thinker, my Jericho, and I love finding out more about him.

I spoke to Emma today, and she’s enjoying her holiday at Benita and Cam’s house. I also just texted Eamon to say happy birthday, and he said that she and Ben had been over with the kids for tea so she got to visit with them too, which I think is lovely. Eamon said that Remi kept wanting to hold Emma’s hand and show her all her things, which is adorable…I love that my big girl gets to spend time with her little girl cousins. She’s never going to have a sister, so they’re the next best thing I guess!

It’s not just that though. In our family Emma is the quiet one, a bit self-effacing, and her being overshadowed is something that I’ve always been conscious of and tried to avert. Going and staying with her cousins and having that chance to be special and important for a little while really is a great thing for her.

It’s funny though, Benita put up a photo of her and Ems doing some weaving in the evening after the kids were in bed, and it made me feel so weird. Like, that’s my girl, and as well as going and playing with the little cousins she is also spending time as a big kid with my sister. They’re being friends, and it’s a relationship that doesn’t actually have anything to do with me. I don’t know if I’m explaining this that well…I guess it’s that when they’re little, my sisters know my kids as my kids. They get to know them mostly through what I say about them. But now Benita is getting to know Emma just as herself, and while I think that’s really lovely it’s also kind of a new way for me to think of my daughter.

I finished Troy’s sock today, and at this point they appear to be quite matching, which I’m excited about. I also think I must have miscalculated with his brown sock when I thought I didn’t have enough for a second sock, because I have actually managed to squeak this new pair of socks out of a single skein of yarn. So now Troy has a lovely pair of dark blue socks and I have enough yarn to make another pair! I’m not going to knit with it now though, the dark yarn requires a bit of squinting to see the stitches properly so I’m going to give myself a break by knitting with something lighter next. I also think I might try knitting two socks at a time if I can make sense of the instructions, since that would eliminate the issue of making the socks match.


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