Saturday 2nd July 2016

Nicholai is staying up to watch up to the minute election coverage on his laptop. It’s quite good really, he pops into the loungeroom to give me updates quite regularly, so there’s no need for me to watch the crap on the tv.

Nicholai has been very interested in the election this time. He is definitely displeased with the fact that he cannot vote. I think he’ll definitely take after his father in this particular respect – Troy not only researches the candidates and parties, but he decides on the order of his preferences and prints out a list he takes with him so he can be sure to fill in his Senate ballot paper correctly.

I am…not that conscientious let’s just say that.

However, I did go and vote bright and early this morning. I had volunteered Troy and I to do the barbecue up at the school and that started at the same time as the polling stations opened, at 8am. Since we were not exactly run off our feet it was very easy to just slip in and vote without having to wait at all. I didn’t mind the barbecuing really – we were on with Sharon (the principal) and Lee, who is Soren’s friend Billy’s mum, so we set up the barbecue and I wiped down all the picnic benches and then we just chatted and periodically took some money and handed over sausages. This was the first time that the school has ever run a barbecue on election day so I think a lot of people were caught by surprise a bit – we will probably do better next time, when people will remember that there was a barbecue and so bring some money. Although I was pretty surprised to discover that there are actually several websites dedicated to listing all the polling stations with barbecues, with little notes pointing out where there were vegetarian/ halal/ gluten free/ cake stalls options!

The kids didn’t have to come up to the school with us, which was nice for them. The inflatable pool toy is at the RACV pool like it is every holiday, so we dropped the kids at Steve and Jean’s on our way past and left the kids there, where they walked the dogs and played with the puppy and then went over to the pool.

Troy and I finished our barbecuing shift and then came home and had a very nice and quiet lunch on our own before Troy went over to pick up the kids. They’d had a barbecue at Steve and Jean’s after swimming for lunch, and spent a lot of time playing with their cousins so they were all pretty happy and a bit worn out. Which probably wasn’t ideal actually, since this evening Troy was taking Soren to a night game at the football, and putting Emma on a train to Ballarat so she can go and stay with her aunt and uncle and cousins for a bit!

(Apparently there was also family drama while Troy was there – I can’t believe I missed it. Troy said that one of Brett’s kids hurt herself and his response was less than sympathetic, and then Susan said something to him about parenting his kids, or the way he speaks to them or something, and everyone was kind of stomping around in a huff…I miss everything.)

Troy, Soren and Emma left around 3.30 this afternoon. They were driving to Lilydale and then catching the train (well, actually a bus – they are eliminating level crossings all over the place so half the trains are buses these days and the met urges you to expect up to a forty minute delay) into Southern Cross station, where they would see Emma safely on to the Ballarat train. Once she was gone, Troy, Soren and Steve were going to catch a tram and find themselves something for tea and then go to the MCG for the start of the game. They’re still away as I write this – Soren is going to be utterly exhausted.

It was strange just me being at home with Nicholai and Jericho tonight though! Because he doesn’t play sport it feels like Soren is never gone, so it was definitely an odd feeling for him to be the one missing tonight.

Emma is going to go and stay with Benita and Cam and the little ones. It’s the first time I’ve felt she’s old enough to go on the train by herself, and I think it’s a nice way for her to stretch her wings a little bit. I mean, Troy put her on the train at this end and Ben is going to pick her up at the end so there’s nothing she actually has to do apart from remain seated for an hour and a half, but she’s still out there on her own having a little adventure! I think it’s really nice for her to have some grown-up girl time hanging out with her auntie, and I know she loves being the big cousin and playing with all the small ones too, so she’s going to have a great time. We’ll drive up in a couple of days and pick her up, so it’s going to be a bit of a boy house for a little while.

After giving up on Bellator and buying the UFC dvds last weekend, we realised yesterday that we would not be able to have MMA Saturday tonight because Troy would be gone at the football. So, since we no longer have to rely on the tv, we were able to switch it and have MMA Friday instead. It was so satisfying! We didn’t miss out on our bogan shame and I managed to turn the heel on Troy’s second sock, so now I’ve just got to knit the leg (which is still basically half the sock) and then I’m done.


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