Friday 1st July 2016

You would think, that when you are flagrantly disobeying house technology rules at every opportunity, that you might occasionally tone down your complaints about said rules. Seriously…when you are not obeying the rules at all, don’t force me to listen to you bitching and moaning about them!

Nicholai sent an email to his grandmother this morning, at 10.45am, a time where he was most emphatically NOT supposed to be using technology. He also cc’ed Troy. Really, I had to laugh – he’s a genius but not very good at deception, apparently. (He also had to be taught to boil an egg the other day, and still managed to do it wrong…this is after a semester of home ec!) So he’s been using his devices this morning, and yet still has the gall to complain to me very loudly and at some length about the unfairness of the rules!

The others are doing okay with the holiday technology rules. Emma has been using her ipad to listen to music, and I’m sure she’s been messaging her friends or playing games during that time, but I’m willing to let that one go. Honestly, it’s such a small rebellion, and while she might be sneaking some extra time she’s also spending time with Jericho and Soren and doing other activities over the holidays, and one of my biggest issue with the tech is that it stops the kids doing any other creative/ interactive/ physical/ imaginative activities.

We do have to get Emma a new ipod or something though. She has been using Steve’s old iphone as a music player, which has worked well (actual phoning and internet on it have been disabled) but it’s just died for good. That’s why she’s been using her ipad, but it’s not really the most convenient way to listen. We’re looking in to getting her a used ipod of some description from ebay, or else we may have to get me a new phone and give her my current phone. I have no desire for a new phone though, so I’m hoping we can find something online for her.

Nothing else of any great note is going on at home. It really has been a very lovely, relaxing holiday. We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today, so only two movies left. Lots of good knitting time in the Harry Potter dvds! Soren suggested today that next week we move on and watch all the Star Wars dvds, so we might do that. It’s nice on these cold, grey days to have a movie to watch during the middle of the day.


One thought on “Friday 1st July 2016

  1. I’ve got an old iPhone 5 I want to sell because I’ve upgraded. So maybe I can do you a good deal if you are Interested? The battery isn’t the best anymore, but it works fine and served we well.

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