Thursday 30th June 2016

Emma’s done with her orthodontic treatment! Her retainer hasn’t been fitting properly, and when the orthodontist saw it in her mouth today he said it wasn’t doing anything, he couldn’t alter it to fit, and she didn’t need it anymore. So that’s (almost) it!

Her eye tooth is still moving down so she has an appointment in three months to check if it’s pushed any other teeth out of alignment, but the tooth she lost was her last baby tooth, so basically she’s got her adult mouth now. This really shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did. I mean, the child is almost the same height as me and we wear the same size shoes – why did discovering that she has all the teeth she’s ever going to get basically in place seem like such a big thing to me?

Obviously it didn’t take very long to be told that she doesn’t need her retainer anymore and being asked if she wanted to take it home or throw it out there (she chose option 2, although I did offer to make her a delightful orthodontic themed pendant necklace) so we were pretty quickly on our way to Costco.

Jericho and Soren were reluctant participants on this outing, but all the samples being given away at Costco certainly changed their tune. Mixed nuts, mandarin segments, béarnaise sauce, veggie chips, cranberries, cranberry juice, potato cakes (just been deep fried in tiny deep fryers) and cheese on crackers made a Costco shopping trip the highlight of their day. They also assisted me in choosing groceries (we’ve come home with 2 kilograms of Nutella…what was I thinking?!?!?!) and were then allowed to eat two Costco cookies on the way home, so for once no one was complaining about being made to go shopping.

Nicholai, the only child not made to go shopping, complained when we got home because he wasn’t allowed to have cookies then since it was lunchtime. So there was that.

Really, today I just didn’t care. Eat the cookies, play on the computer, eat more cookies…whatever, you’re not going to get scurvy after one day of your mother not forcing fruit and vegetables on you.

Jericho has got very interested in scurvy after studying explorers during the term. Once he learned that scurvy makes your teeth fall out he started doing this thing where he sucks his lips in and pretends he has no teeth and he’s an old sailor with scurvy – it drove me berserk when he kept giving me a ‘scurvy smile’ when I was trying to take their photo at the shortest lunch, but it can also be kind of hilariously funny.


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