Monday 27th June 2016

After my giant rant yesterday, the kids were amazingly wonderful today! Seriously, by the time I got up they had all had breakfast and were already cleaning their rooms. Which they continued to do – without fighting! – until they were all completely picked up, and then they even vacuumed them. While they were doing that I vacuumed my room, the study, the lounge and the kitchen and put together Nicholai’s new desk chair, so our house is rather unusually all clean at the same time.

Soren came with me down the street to get some new prescriptions and pick up some bread for lunch, and he’s such funny, sweet company, it was lovely.

We watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets over lunch. We watched the first one last Friday, and I’ve said we’ll try and watch the eight movies over the holidays. I really enjoyed it today actually. I got so sick of all the Harry Potter movies when the kids were little and we watched them practically every single week, but it’s been long enough now that I was able to watch it today with kind of fresh eyes.

I also did a lot of knitting on Troy’s sock, and I’m discovering that knitting socks with very dark yarn is slightly harder and less fun than lighter colours. The stitches are much harder to see, and I don’t like feeling like an old lady hunched over and squinting at my knitting. The socks will look lovely when I finish (the colourway is called Inverness and it’s made up of “deep navy, forest green, dark anthracite and with a pop of celestial blue” – in other words really dark blue/green/grey) but this might be the only dark pair of socks I ever make.

I’m especially glad the kids were so great today because Troy was in the city. He left long before I woke up, and since he has hockey tonight he is going straight from the city to his game and won’t be home until after that. So I really appreciated the kids being so good. Troy will be in the city tomorrow as well, and then over the next couple of weeks he’ll have all the end/start of the financial year stuff.

I have to stop wearing my old pair of crocs when I go out in the backyard, because there are patches of super slippery mud and I’ve now fallen over twice. Today I must have looked like a cartoon character as my feet just whooshed out from underneath me and I fell flat on my back (seriously, there was mud in my hair). I was carrying a styrofoam box to put out in the shed and it fell underneath my elbow and smashed into smithereens. So there I was, lying on my back in the mud staring up at the sky and surrounded by Styrofoam rubble as Soren laughed his little head off.


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