Saturday 25 June 2016

Troy was just teaching Luna to run up a ramp in our backyard for a reward of chicken. She was also wearing her rather jaunty looking red cabled sweater and looked just like a circus dog doing tricks. It was adorable.

Troy took Jericho to hockey this morning. It was way over in Dandenong, so they were gone for ages. Jericho’s team was crushed with a 10-0 loss, but Troy said that the coach of the other team was really intense, and yelled and coached (they’re allowed on the field in this age bracket) like the team was gearing up to go to Rio for the Olympic games, rather than just playing an under 10s game. Jericho wasn’t upset though, he had fun playing even though they lost by so much and he is just glad that his coach is not like that.

I stayed home with the laundry and dishes and other children. Emma and Soren filled up the loungeroom floor with quilts and a million Little People and Littlest Pet Shops scattered about, and Nicholai basically moaned and carried on about the unfairness of life. To be more specific, the unfairness of Troy and I placing limits on his technology. It really is a neverending source of drama. He lay on the floor of the laundry for quite a long time in an effort to annoy us while he “contemplated the futility of existence”, and even posted a rant on Facebook about how unjust the whole situation is. Although I did laugh, he was really protesting about not being allowed to use his laptop for writing without having to pay his poker chips, and the people who responded to his facebook complaint all said the same thing Troy and I did – that writing can be accomplished with paper and a pen! The way he carried on when we told him to use such primitive tools as a pen you’d think we’d told him he had to chip letters out of stone with a chisel.

He liked us even less in the afternoon when we made him accompany us for a family shopping trip. Emma had gone through her cookbooks and decided she wanted to make Jar Cakes, which as the name suggests require jars to cook them in. So we figured we may as well combine looking for those with some grocery shopping. Shockingly, shopping with all four children in tow was actually quite fun.

We also picked up the UFC 2015 box set of dvds. I know, I am such a bogan! But although Troy and I have been very much enjoying watching Bellator MMA of a Saturday they keep pushing it later and later in the tv schedule. And I’m sorry, but I can’t go to bed and then get up in the middle of the night to watch MMA on a regular basis! So we got these dvds so we can continue to have MMA Saturday nights and still get to bed at a civilised hour.


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