Wednesday 22nd June, 2016

I love knitting, and I love knitting at hockey training. However I am coming to the conclusion that it is just too damn cold at the moment and I might just have to give it up and take a book. My fingerless mitts help, but basically by halfway through training my fingers are so cold it’s kind of painful, and they’re so numb that my tension is thrown completely off. The sock I knitted for Troy primarily at hockey training was knit at an obviously tighter gauge than the sock I knitted for him in the comfort of home!

Apart from freezing for an hour at hockey training, today wasn’t too bad. It started off badly, when Soren came into our room after having thrown up all over his bed, but Troy went and cleaned that up and every time he threw up after that he got it in the bucket. Poor Soren was sick a few times over the following two hours, but a half an hour after that he just sat up on the couch and announced that he felt much better, was starving hungry and could he go and make a sandwich? He ate a lot and was completely back to his usual chipper little self after that. He really had a lovely day at home, he watched Megamind and Despicable Me and since I had craft in the afternoon I let him entertain himself on the computer and ipad then, so he was quite happy.

Craft was good too. Just Catherine today because Miffi is on a cruise, but I got all my Binatang Bingo cards laminated and did some work on the new sock I started yesterday for Troy.

We had parent-teacher interviews yesterday. Of course I managed to mess it up – we were supposed to do Jericho’s first but we went to Soren’s teacher first instead, and since she didn’t have anyone else booked at that time she took us in without either of us checking if it actually was the right time. Unfortunately Jericho’s teacher had someone booked for the time immediately after us, so when we wandered down there we couldn’t actually do it, and so we have to make another time.

It was a bit frustrating, especially since Jericho was really the reason we were going in the first place! Usually we don’t do parent-teacher interviews. I’m at the school every week to teach, I talk to their teachers pretty often, and the kids tell us quite a bit and are always happy to bring us in to their classroom and show us their work, so it’s never really felt necessary. But this year they’ve introduced the three-way conference idea, where the parents, teacher and kid all sit down together. For Jericho, who is a perfectionist with a lot of anxiety over school and generally not great self-esteem, sitting down for fifteen minutes with his teacher and mum and dad all talking about how smart and creative he is, as well as being a good worker and a valued class member (because he is all those things!) sounded like a really good thing to me. So I’m going to have to talk to Hayley about fitting a time in over the next two days of school, since it will be holidays after that.

Anyway, Soren’s conference was great. He’s bright, creative, well-behaved and enjoys learning, so he’s doing wonderfully. His teacher loves having him in the class. He was so happy and proud to be able to show us all the work in his portfolio. I think my favourite thing was a writing piece he had to do about himself, following a particular formula.


Crazy, smart, lazy, funny.

Son of Rebecca and Troy, brother of Nick, Emma and Jericho.

Lover of books, food and friends. (Hilariously, he initially had ‘family’ and he crossed it out to add ‘food!!!)

Who needs money, family and parties.

Who gives love, jokes and food.

Who fears the dark, fire and fish.

Who would like video games, books and magic.


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