Monday 20 June 2016

Very boring, rainy, cold Monday today. I took the kids to school, did the vacuuming and cleaning up at home, and watched four episodes of Brat Camp while I finished off Sue’s hat. The hat turned out well I think, and now I just have to hope that she likes it. She should though – who doesn’t like crisscross cables? (Please don’t answer if you actually don’t like crisscross cables!) I’ve got the yarn wound to start another pair of socks for Troy, this time with enough yarn to make a pair, and I still have my green Valley of Lilies blanket on the needles with a long way to go. So I’m busy enough with all that.

Troy has a late hockey game tonight. 9pm at Monash, which is crazy. Although it’s nice having him home for tea before he has to go out.



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