Sunday 19th June 2016

It was the Shortest Lunch today, the fifteenth year in a row we’ve done it. That just astounds me…how can my family have been around long enough to have a fifteen year old tradition? But we do, and every year that we do it I love remembering all the previous years as we add in another one. It gives me such a sense of the growth and changes our family has gone through, and I like that. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, and sometimes it’s nice to just step back and look at the big picture. I love my family – what we have made here is a very good thing.

We went to two places today, Yering Farm (for their apple pies, this is my pick every single year) and to Warramunda Estate, which was a new place. They had options, so the kids ate spaghetti (the unpretentious kids’ option), Troy ate lamb (“harissa spiced lamb shoulder with tahini and honey yoghurt and fragrant tomato salsa”) and I ate a fancy potato salad, described as “warm 5 spice pumpkin and roast potato salad with sautéed baby spinach, fiore de burrata, lemon vinaigrette and toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.” I didn’t even know what ‘fiore de burrata’ was (turns out it’s a kind of cheese) and this meal was so fancy it was decorated with what appeared to be a kind of grass, but I ate it anyway. Really, the whole event has come a long way from the very early days of it, when the wineries were serving stuff like soup or ragout out of their sheds! Now it’s elaborate ‘foodie’ meals and vegetarian/gluten free options everywhere and live music and too many people and not enough parking, but it’s still special to us and I don’t see us giving it up. At least, not as long as the apple pies are still being served.

The children are all so over having their photo taken that they behave like lunatics in front of the camera, but I did my best.

We let Jericho have a sip…



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