Friday 17 June 2016

I’m sure there will come a day when Emmanuella is so fussy about what she wears that I’ll curse her and wish for simpler times when she wore what I bought without a murmur. Today is not that day. Today I wish she had more opinions about things than, “I don’t mind”! Sweetie, I’m holding up two choices, you have to pick one!!!

She didn’t end up going to the movies today. I think a couple of her friends couldn’t go and then she didn’t know what the plan was and then just gave it all up. I drove her over to Chirnside Park anyway to buy her some leggings to wear to hockey, some new bras, and some singlets for her to wear under her school t-shirt. They don’t have a long sleeved t-shirt or shirt option for winter, so they just wear their t-shirts under their windcheater and she’s been feeling the cold.

The whole family went to watch her play hockey tonight. We needed an early home game, since it would be keeping Jericho and Soren up well past their usual bed time anyway, so tonight seemed like a good night. Until the rain came… It was the wettest game of hockey I’ve ever watched. But Emma’s team won (1-0) and the boys and the dog seemed to have an okay time anyway.

Not much else happened today. Nicholai and Emma had the day off school and Nicholai spent his glued to his ipad and computer. Emma came shopping with me and baked gingerbread to donate to the cake stall at hockey (they’re having their ‘blue weekend’ where they raise money for, and spent the rest of the time in her room with her electronics.

Ever since I looked at recumbent exercise bikes on Kogan the other day they have been bombarding me with emails about buying exercise equipment. It is disturbing the way that they track you even when you don’t log in or anything! Although today in their emails they were tempting me with free shipping, which on something like an exercise bike is really a considerable saving.



One thought on “Friday 17 June 2016

  1. I have just looked up what an recumbent exercise bike is!! Looks comfy. Hope you have a nice weekend
    Love elk xo

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