Monday 13 June 2016

I think I am done with Light and Easy. It hasn’t quite been the ten weeks I planned for, but I just looked at my dinner tonight and thought that I can’t do this anymore. I will finish out the rest of the week I have, and that’s it.

Today was a holiday because of the Queen’s birthday, so no school or work. There was no sport all weekend either, so it’s honestly felt like quite the little vacation.

Emma’s friend Alex stayed over last night, and the two of them spent the whole time hiding out in Emma’s room and laughing like hyenas. It kind of made me wish that she had a door, but really I don’t mind. I’m just happy that Emma has found some friends that she feels so comfortable and confident and happy with. Alex seems like a nice girl. I thought she seemed older (more mature?) than Emma, but maybe she’s not – the two of them didn’t stop giggling the whole time she was here, and they confessed to me that this morning, after watching Monster High on the ipad they pulled out Emma’s old Monster high dolls and played with them. So maybe it’s just that Alex looks older.

Jericho went to the football with Steve and Will today, to watch the Collingwood v Melbourne game. Jericho wore his Demons beanie and scarf, and came home happy that they won. Jericho is not a huge football fan or anything, but he had fun going for a day out with his Pop and his cousin.

I decided last night that I was just going to continue to knit the hat and hope for the best, but then this evening I discovered I’d done a cable row incorrectly. It was way too obvious to leave, but my skills do not extend to ripping back and picking up a row with a whole bunch of crossed stitches, at least not without a great deal of angst and furious rage. And for a hat that most likely will not fit its intended recipient, it’s not worth it. So I’ve unravelled the whole thing and started again.

I am considering getting a recumbent exercise bike. It’s meant to be a bit easier on your back, and then I could read while I exercised. I don’t know though – it’s a lot of money and basically I kind of suck when it comes to sticking to anything.

2 thoughts on “Monday 13 June 2016

  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend and I would love to be a fly on the wall of ems room and see her grown up with her friends, even if they are playing dolls. Friends are so important when your a teenager and it’s nice she’s got some good girlfriends allready at high school xoxo

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