Sunday 12th June 2016

I just have to give in and face that fact that I am an MMA loving bogan. Last night Bellator didn’t start until 12.30, so Troy and I actually went to bed and then got up to watch it. Truly, I wonder what I am coming to.

It made a positive difference in how tired we are today though, and it’s been a good day. Jericho and Soren played together a lot, playing with Lego and making more stop motion animations. Nicholai seemed a little lost, but nothing too dramatic. Emma did some homework in the morning and then spent a large part of the afternoon facetiming her friend Alex. In the end they asked if Alex could come over for a sleepover and I said as long as someone else dropped her off I didn’t mind, and I’ll drive her back tomorrow.

Troy went to Officeworks to buy a new desk chair for Nicholai, and a file rack to act as ipad jail. At the school they have this little wire rack that holds all the tablets upright, with the charging ports easily accessible at the side. I have always assumed it was something purposely built for this purpose, probably only available through teacher catalogues and costing a million dollars, but when I actually asked Ryan about it on Thursday he said no, it’s really only a magazine rack. So $10 at Officeworks and we have our own. It will be better for ipad jail than the crate because now devices won’t be piled on top of each other, and we can also see at a glance who has (or has not) put their things in. Digging through the crate to check always felt like I was being obnoxiously untrusting of the children, but at the same time…well, sometimes they forget and don’t do what they’re supposed to!

I did some writing and some knitting. I’m making a hat for Sue at Troy’s work, but I’m not sure it’s going to work out. I had the yarn and I found a pattern I really liked, but I’ve done the ribbing and a couple of inches of pattern and I think it’s going to be too small. I’m using a size smaller needles than the pattern called for (because I wanted to use the Addis!) and I hoped making the biggest size would compensate for that, but the pattern is not as stretchy as I thought it would be and I suspect it will be too tight. I’m at that awkward stage where I don’t know whether it would be better to rip it out and begin again with more stitches, or just finish it as is and hope for the best. I can wash it and stretch it a bit once it’s done, and I suppose if it isn’t big enough for an adult head it can go into my donation box, tagged for a child.


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