Saturday 11th June 2016

Well, that’s a bit of a disaster. Jericho’s friend Rylan came over today to spend the night, and he’s just started vomiting. It’s not as easy as just call his mum and dad and have them come and collect him either, because he’s really here because they’re in Sydney for the weekend, climbing the Harbour Bridge. He spent last night with his Nan and I have called her since he wants to go home now that he’s sick, but she’s out for dinner with friends who have come down from Queensland and won’t be able to come and get him for a couple of hours. So I’ve got one pretty unhappy kiddo asleep on the couch while the rest of us watch a dvd (Goosebumps).

It’s really too bad, because he and Jericho have had a good day. He came over late this morning and they’ve been busy playing and doing whatever it is nine year olds do and both seemed really happy. Then we sat down for tea and he started crying. I wasn’t sure at first if he was really sick or was just missing his mum and dad and wanting to go home, but after I set him up on the couch with a cushion and blanket and bucket he threw up, so that settled that.

I feel bad for Jericho. I mean, there’s nothing we can do, but he’s been looking forward to this for ages. After all his feelings of being left out or friendless at school, I really thought having his best friend over for the night would be a really fun and positive experience for him, but it’s not exactly working out that way! Oh well, nothing we can do except wait for Rylan’s nan to come and get him and try again another weekend.

And cross our fingers that none of us catch whatever it is has made the poor boy sick.

Apart from all this today has been pretty quiet. Because it’s the Queen’s Birthday weekend there is no sport for the kids, so we’ve all been at home all day. It’s good! We haven’t had to go any further than IGA.

We took more photos of the guinea pigs. Jericho thought they were just the right size to fit in his troop carrier and tank, and he was right. Although when Amadeus jammed himself into the tank that already held Charles and both of them got stuck we had a few tense moments. They’re just so funny! I forgot how much I like taking photos of small furry creatures, I used to take photos of our other guinea pigs all the time. Unfortunately any photography skills I ever had have gone to crap and most of my photos were shit, but there were a few cute ones.

This one cracks me up because at first glance it looks like Charles has a really beefy arm that he’s using to hold Amadeus back.

The pushme-pullyou of guinea pigs.



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