Friday 10th June 2016

Jericho and Soren had their Twinsies dress up day today, and they had a great time with it. They were both really happy with their costumes and excited to show them off at school. I stayed for the dress up day activities, and they were really fun. The kids had regular assembly and then they had a costume parade, with prizes for some of the best ones. All the school kids seem to love dressing up and there was so much effort and creativity put in! Some of them dressed alike, and then there were a lot of others like Jericho and Soren who came as some kind of pair. And then all the little grade prep and 1 girls, who all dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen and decided they had to be a group so no one was left out – they are just gorgeous, those little girls.

After the costume parade there was a kind of talent portion, were a few of the pairs got up and sang or did dances. Some of them just sang songs they like, but the two of them dressed up as Simba and Nala sang I Just Can’t Wait to be King from the Lion King, and the two dressed up as Shrek and Fiona (probably my favourite costumes, they looked awesome) sang that song that they do over the opening credits. And of course, all the little Frozen girls sang Let it Go! Honestly, I’m so impressed with the kids who just got up in front of everyone to sing, I would never have been able to do that.

I was also glad I’d stayed because Jericho got Student of the Week at assembly, so it was great that I was there to see him get that and give him a big clap.

I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon knitting, but despite all that I ended the afternoon at basically the exact same spot that I’d started. I was doing the fingerless mitts and I’d crossed one of the cables in the wrong direction. I knew it would annoy me too much if I left it like that, so I had to rip back several rows and then try and pick up the stitches, which is horrible and difficult. Still, I did it, and I suppose I’m gaining skills all the time I’m making these mistakes. Tonight I’ve been sitting here watching Kindergarten Cop on tv with Troy, and I’ve just finished. Warm hands at hockey training from now on!


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