Wednesday 8th June 2016

Emma’s hockey training was cancelled this afternoon. I felt like I used to when a teacher didn’t come to class when I was in high school and we got a free period. I don’t have to go out in the dark and sit in the cold for an hour, yay!

I only had one fingerless mitt done anyway, so I would have had one cold hand. I finished it this afternoon while Miffi was over for craft. She was crocheting and I was knitting and Catherine didn’t come, so we sat in the loungeroom and it was all very cosy and nice. I seamed one of my mitts and cast on the second one and got the wrist ribbing done, so it’s progressing nicely.

I did all my planning this morning. Doing all that photoshop yesterday obviously made me feel overly ambitious, and I did more of it today. I made a zoo scene that involved photoshopping animals into little fenced enclosures, and then doing an awful lot of tedious and painstaking erasing of layers to make it appear that the animal was behind the front fence and in front of the back fence. It was one of those tasks where halfway through it I realised that it was way more complicated and taking up far more time than I had originally anticipated, but by that point I felt I’d come too far to abandon it. So I just kept working away at it.

Soren’s Pikachu onesie arrived today. It’s enormous. I bought the size suggested for ages 7-9, since he’s seven, but I was kind of expecting it to be a tiny little Asian costume size 7-9. As it turns out, Emma could probably wear this onesie if she wanted to. It has elasticised ankles and wrists so it won’t drag on the ground, but the crotch of it hangs below his knees.

I told Nicholai last night that if he ever wanted to invite his girlfriend over on the weekend he could, and that we wouldn’t mind picking her up or dropping her off. This was just a casual kind of for-your-information kind of statement, and I used her name rather than be all, “your girlfriend!” Nicholai reacted to this by rolling his eyes so hard I’m surprised they didn’t fall out of his head, saying dramatically, “Oh my god, MUM!!!” and stomping out of the room.

Seriously? What did I say?

When he eventually deigned to come back out (didn’t take long, since there was no one to talk at in his bedroom) we told him that it really wasn’t a big deal, that we were went saying he had to invite her over because she’s his girlfriend, but that she’s the only kid he’s talked about being friends with all year. (My assumption being that girlfriend means she is, actually, friends with him). Admittedly he’s only mentioned her that one time that he wanted to meet up with her at the shopping centre, and then listed himself as ‘in a relationship’ on facebook, but I take what I can get when it comes to Nicholai and anything personal. Anyway, after that he said that maybe he might invite her over, perhaps, possibly, one day. So I’m not really holding my breath for it!

Really, it’s just that I want to encourage him to make friends, and help him take a friendship to a level of maybe doing something outside school, if he wants to. I know he used to want friends. Nowadays, I honestly don’t know. Emma told me he sits next to the same kid on the bus every day, so there’s that. He talks to kids at football. I really don’t know what happens at school during class, but I know that at lunchtime he always goes to the library and uses the computer, and the other day when the library was closed he just sat on the classroom step by himself until the bell rang.

Emma stayed after school today to listen to some year 11s do their performance piece for music, so I picked her up later. She was sitting down with her ipad and headphones on when I got there, and I definitely got another teenager eyeroll when I told her to shut it down and take her headphones off. I don’t care – if I have to go out of an afternoon especially to pick you up (ESPECIALLY considering your hockey training was cancelled and so I could have been at home in pyjama pants!) the least you can do is talk to me on the drive!


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