Monday 6th June 2016

I hate the way that as soon as you have no money there are suddenly a million things you want to spend it on.

While there are several reasons I will be glad to finish eating Light and Easy food, I have to admit that not paying out $144 a week is certainly a big one. Our grocery budget will go up a little bit when it includes my food, but not that much. I keep freaking out about money because we are living far more paycheque to paycheque than I am comfortable with, and having my card rejected at Costco really didn’t help. We will be fine, but it’s tight at the moment.

I will also be glad to finish eating Light and Easy because I am getting pretty sick of the dinners. Lunches, breakfasts and snacks I would be happy to continue eating indefinitely, but since there are only about ten out of their supposedly over sixty dinners that I will eat (and I’m not talking love here, I’m talking tolerate) it’s getting a bit old. But I’ve just done my order for week 9, so I’ve only got a couple of weeks left- June 22 will be my last day!

I suppose that means I will have to weigh myself and make a plan for how I’m going to eat then. I think it will be okay – I’ve got a better idea of portion size now and I don’t find myself desperate to eat snacks just for the hell of it. I’ll just have to maintain some self-discipline (not exactly a strong point for me), meal plan and shop, and keep a lot of gum on hand. I’m becoming addicted to lemon and lime flavoured gum – it’s almost like eating lollies. I might end up with TMJ or something, but at least I’m avoiding snacks.

I started knitting my fingerless gloves today. So far I’m not impressed with them. I wanted cables on them so I found a pretty cable pattern in one of the stitch dictionaries, but I’m not sure I like the look of it in fingering weight yarn on 2mm needles. I’ll knit a couple more inches of it and then decide if I like it enough to keep it or if I’m ripping it all out and starting again.


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