Sunday 5th June 2016

Oh my goodness Nicholai is a drama queen! It was his turn to clean the bathroom this weekend, and since he didn’t do it yesterday and he didn’t get home from football until about 4ish, it had to be done this afternoon. Well, you’d think he’d been sentenced to twenty years of hard labour the way he carried on. Then he told me he was going to ‘outsource’ his cleaning to Jericho and Soren and pay them to do it, to which I said he was not. I told him that the idea behind him cleaning the bathroom was partly to get a clean bathroom, partly to teach him responsibility, and partly to teach him skills. So he then flounced about accusing me of training him to be a janitor, and demanding I “codify the house rules”. I think the child literally wants a document that spells out all the rules and bylaws of our house and family.

Doesn’t he realise I just make things up on the fly to torment him?

He seems to be making use of Facebook. He took his phone to football and every time Troy saw him when he wasn’t on the field he was head down in it. Troy said everyone at football was giving him grief about his girlfriend, so I immediately logged in to Facebook to check out what he’d written. He’s listed himself as ‘in a relationship’…I bet this is why he was so cross that I insisted he friend me. Reading his statuses and whatnot made me glad again that I don’t actually do Facebook to be honest- teenagers are so self-important.

I wish he’d talk to us occasionally though! I knew about the girl because of that time he wanted to go and meet her at the shopping centre, but he has literally NEVER mentioned her to us again. Once I tried to ask him and after moaning and groaning that I would even dare to make enquiries about anything, he eventually managed to say that she was in his class and “kind of has…brown hair, I think.” Not a thing more would he say.

He bought his school photos home last week, so I thought at least I’d be able to find out what she looks like. However there are two of them with the same name and he’s never told me her surname! His school photo was actually quite good this year, it must have been done relatively soon after having a haircut and his smile is pretty natural, so I like it. Emma’s is not so good, I don’t know what she was going for with her hair and she’s doing a weird smile, but it is what it is.

I finally finished knitting Troy’s socks last night. It only took me two months – hopeless! I suppose I did knit a lot of other things in the meantime, the socks weren’t the only thing I was working on. Anyway, despite the fact that his socks are not exactly a pair (the first one is brown, but I didn’t have enough yarn and the colour was discontinued so the second sock is yellow) I think they turned out really well. He wore them today and said that they were comfortable and cosy, so that’s what really matters. I’m going to make myself some fingerless gloves next, with the leftover yellow yarn, and then I’ll make Troy a proper pair of socks that actually match. Since I started knitting socks I have moved up to having two projects on the go at any one time (I used to have to finish one before starting another) so I’m also working on a green baby blanket for KOGO. I really like the blanket – it’s going to take a while, but the pattern is quite fun and despite being super cheap the acrylic yarn is really soft and nice to work with so I don’t mind.


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