Thursday 2 June 2016

Jericho and Soren are such good friends sometimes! I mean, they really are buddies, they like so much of the same stuff that they really enjoy hanging out together. They’re having a dress up day at school and the theme is “Twinsies” – so either kids wearing the same costumes to be twins, or else wearing complementing costumes. And Jericho and Soren have chosen to be twinsies with each other, and go dressed up at Ash and Pikachu. Jericho is making an Ash costume out of his regular clothes, and we have bought a Pikachu onesie for Soren. Thank goodness for Ebay!

I taught today, which went okay. The seniors looking up tourist activities went really well, they were really enthusiastic about it and had some fun looking up things they wanted to do. They have brochure templates in Publisher, so they will probably find it easier to make the brochure than I did. I played memory games with the middle grades (liburan topic) and the grade 1/2s (binatang) and apparently most of them have really bad memories. The prep/1 class did a thing about animals on the farm, and that was good.

I felt pretty crappy today though. Maybe more than anyone wants to know, but I got my period yesterday, the very day after I set fire to my cup! I couldn’t believe the bad timing of it! I mean, I’ve only had one other period all year, so the last thing I expected was to get another one actually on schedule, and the day after I destroyed my method of dealing with it! Anyway, because of that I had a stomachache and a headache for most of the day, so that wasn’t fun.

We moved Jericho’s guinea pigs out to their hutch this afternoon. I think they liked having space to run about, and they definitely liked having grass to eat. They probably like it slightly less now, since it’s night and it’s only going to be 2 degrees! Still, they have a thick layer of newspaper underneath them and we put lots of extra hay in their house so they can cuddle up together in there and stay warm enough. Jericho, being Jericho, has decided their hutch needs a name and has called it “The House of Vasco”. He’s doing a project on an explorer named Vasco de Gama, and really likes the name, ha ha ha!


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