Wednesday 1st June 2016

It was a pretty ordinary Wednesday today. Lots of planning for teaching tomorrow. It took ages because I’m making some new animal cards, which involved a lot of resizing and fiddling about on the computer, and then printing and cutting them out and laminating them. I also spent ages making a brochure, more because I was just a bit incompetent rather than because it was difficult. I’m going to get the senior class to plan out some tourist activities that they might like to do in Indonesia and produce a brochure…maybe they’ll come up with some good ideas for me and Emma and Alyssa?

I went walking with Jean. Since we’ve finished the Warburton trail we’re just kind of doing short, local walks now. The weather was beautiful for being outside, so it was really nice. After our very mild autumn the cold is finally starting to bite – it’s been below zero a couple of nights, but the clear skies lead to some lovely cool but sunny days.

I wore my new thermals to hockey training tonight, and they definitely made a good difference. Especially the leggings – I wouldn’t have thought I was losing so much heat from my legs, but they felt quite cosy with the leggings under my pants tonight.

I built most of Jericho’s guinea pig hutch today too. Well…put together the flat pack, but “built” sounds so much better, ha ha ha! I left the roof for Troy to do when I left for hockey training, and it’s all done now. Still sitting in the middle of the loungeroom though! I guess I’ll help Jericho carry it outside tomorrow and we can set up their little house area with paper and hay and see how Charles and Amadeus like their new digs.


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