Sunday 29 May 2016

For once I didn’t stay up late Saturday night watching Bellator MMA, so my Sunday was unusually productive! I just couldn’t do it last night, by 10.30 I was so tired and angst-ridden I couldn’t stand myself, so I went to bed and pretty much fell asleep straight away. I slept in today until 10, so I almost felt refreshed today.

Most of what I did wasn’t that exciting. I washed a lot of dishes (once again, I have started wishing that a dishwasher would somehow manifest itself in my life) and folded up a lot of washing. I also finished all the cover sheets and gradings that I needed to do for the school kids’ portfolios, so tomorrow I can give them all to the class teachers for inclusion and then forget about reports and end-of-term stuff for now.

Troy took Jericho to Costco this morning, primarily to buy sneakers for Jericho and cinnamon rolls for Troy to take to work for the Biggest Morning Tea, although of course they bought other stuff since they were there. Left at home Nicholai wandered aimlessly around talking about random things to no one in particular, and Emma and Soren pulled out millions of Little Petshop animals and other small toys and raised up a city of them.

Once they got back Troy packed up the ute with the temporary fencing and things we had for the goats (he drove the ute home last night, since we came home separately) and drove over to Steve and Jean’s with Nicholai. They dropped Troy home and then Nicholai went off with Steve to the football. They’re going to the Bulldogs/Collingwood game, which, in a lovely coincidence, happened to fall on this one weekend when Nicholai had a bye for his own football.

The children are all in love with these guinea pigs. I think they’ll be quite sad once the hutch arrives and they move outside, since at the moment they’re living on the coffee table and are totally available for snuggles and pats whenever the mood strikes! Emma and Jericho just keep tucking them in on their laps while they read, which the little piggies don’t seem to mind. They were making the cutest little squeaks and whirring noises when Jericho was giving them a little scritch before.

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