Saturday 28th May 2016.

Ugh, family togetherness. I am probably the most horrible person in the world, but I really don’t enjoy whole family get-togethers with Troy’s family. I find it so stressful, and I don’t know, just…not. I don’t even know why, particularly. Anyway, this afternoon we went over there to light the bonfire that has been building up for the past few months. Unfortunately, due to the amount of rain we’ve had over the past couple of days, the whole bonfire was pretty soggy and it took nearly an hour to get to get it going! It seemed like it had only just started burning properly when we all trekked up to the house for tea. We had a barbecue, but we all have to sit around the table and it’s just so LOUD. I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t go on about it, because really it’s not awful like it used to be, but clearly today I was just cranky enough to find fault with everything and everyone.

I think I am just tired of feeling as though I constantly have to navigate and manage children’s moods. I feel like half my life is spent tiptoeing around to avoid triggering hysterical meltdowns, and I’m tired of it. Having highly emotional children is just fucking exhausting.

It should have been a good day too! I mean, the children don’t share my aversion to family social gatherings and they were looking forward to the bonfire! But Jericho didn’t want to play hockey and Soren didn’t want to go to hockey so this morning was a mess. Then at the bonfire the two of them went off and got themselves plastered in stinking mud from the bottom of the dam and Troy yelled at them, so basically Soren just sobbed and Jericho spiralled off into “I wish I was dead” and “I hate myself” territory, so that was fun to deal with. I am just so tired of it.

Whatever. The whole day didn’t suck though. Troy, Soren and I all went to hockey this morning, and although it was cold the sun was out and it was quite nice weather for watching. Jericho’s team won, and he personally scored two goals so that was awesome. The rain also moved in just as we were packing up to get into the car, which was really fortuitous timing.

We drove to the guinea pigs’ house straight from hockey. It was funny too – I don’t know if Soren and Jericho are just unobservant or were just too busy eating to care, but it wasn’t until we were parked in the driveway of a strange house before either of them thought to ask what we were doing. We told them we had to pick something up and that they should get out of the car, and then I handed Jericho the little animal carrying case and he started smiling. It was a very quick and easy pick up of the guinea pigs – they were in a little box inside and Jericho was delighted with the two I’d randomly selected so we gave them some snuggles and then put them in the little box to bring them home.

He’s called the little caramel one Charles Tribble-Wiggins and the caramel and black one is Amadeus Tribble-Wiggins. They are hilariously cute and adorable, and I think we’re going to have some fun with them.

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