Friday 27 May 2016

I got all the Indo reports done today, it felt just like I was a real teacher! I know, I actually AM a real teacher, but quite honestly I still feel like I’m playing pretend with it all sometimes. The online reporting software they use is pretty straightforward, so it didn’t take long. I’ve prepared the cover sheets for their portfolio work, so I will have to fill those out with the kids’ names and rate them on their work and their effort. That will probably take hours, but we’ll see.

It’s the first time I’ve ever done reports. For the first few years they didn’t think I needed to worry about it, and then last time my mental health was so bad that it was a task much too hard for me so it didn’t get done. It feels good to actually be acting professionally for once.

Soren is at a birthday party tonight. Friday night party for a kid turning eight seems like a weird choice, but apparently all the kid wanted was to have a couple of friends over and have pizza delivered so that’s what it was. It cracked me up that he wanted pizza delivery actually – his mum told me that during summer they were staying at a caravan park and had pizza delivered, and this child just couldn’t get over the wonder of having a person deliver a pizza right to your door. Although they live way too far out for any delivery service (probably why the kid thought it was so miraculous), so pizza delivery was really mum driving to Dominos in the afternoon and bringing home a stack of pizzas to heat up for dinner. I drove Soren out while Troy fed the other children dinner at home, and it was a horrid drive. They live right at the end of a narrow, potholed road surrounded by forest, which was rather daunting to navigate in the dark.

I spoke to Jericho’s teacher this morning. She showed me how to use the report writing software, and then of course we talked about Jericho. I said that lately he’s been very emotional, and just sadder really, and she said that she’s definitely noticed him being more down and anxious at school. She reaffirmed that it’s definitely not that he’s unpopular- she said he’s generally really well liked and respected by the other kids, and that they really respond to his sense of humour. But of course, when they’re playing football and he doesn’t want to, it makes him a bit lost. She said he and Ethan are getting along well and she’s encouraging that (she was redoing their seating plan when I went in, and she’d made sure to put them on the same table), and I said to her that I’d asked Jericho about maybe having Ethan over after school and he thought that would be good. The kids having friends over is actually really quite difficult with hockey and football training filling up all our weekdays, but Ethan and his mum and sister have just recently moved into town so they’re only a couple of minutes drive away (as opposed to Soren’s birthday party, which was a twenty minute drive) and that’s a lot easier to fit in.

Anyway, Hayley said she has been a bit concerned about Jericho, and she thought maybe she’d speak to the school psychologist and see if she has any ideas. We can do a referral to her if she feels that she could help Jericho specifically, or maybe just hearing her thoughts on him will help.

Mostly because of all this, Troy and I have decided that instead of making him wait until it’s his birthday we’re going to go ahead and get Jericho his guinea pigs now. I just want to do something that might help him feel better about life. A little furry friend that he will have responsibility for taking care of will be good for him – it can’t fix the things he’s sad about, but it will give him something happy to think about and something to cuddle and talk to when he’s feeling a bit fragile.

We haven’t told him yet, but I contacted someone with an ad on Gumtree and have lined up two baby boys that we’re going to go and collect tomorrow. They’re sheba mini yaks, which grow long hair in crazy directions and are absolutely hilarious to look at. Jericho’s preference was for crazy hair, so it all seemed serendipitous that these ones were listed right when we’d decided to get some. He’s got hockey tomorrow morning and we’ll drive to the guinea pig’s house after that, which is going to be a really fun surprise for him. We don’t have a hutch yet, but I’ve bought one online and it will be delivered next week. They can stay inside until then, they’re still pretty young and it’s pretty cold at the moment so it might be nicer for them anyway.

I hope it helps Jericho. It’s really hard to see him sad. He’s so bright and sensitive and creative – I just wish he found life easier.

This is the ad if you want to take a peek at his new babies! I said we’d take the caramel one and the half caramel/half black one, although they are all so cute it probably doesn’t matter which ones we get!


2 thoughts on “Friday 27 May 2016

  1. Those guinea pigs would cheer up anyone!!!! Also I cant believe you and Emma are going to Indonesia! I had commented but musnt of posted it. This is so exciting and just seems like a thing other people do….like you!! hahahah does she do Indonesian at school and does Nic do Frnech? Anyway,I hope you have a lovely weekend. I cant wait to hear what Jericho names his guinea pigs and I hope Soren and all the other kids, especially the birthday boy enjoyed their pizza!!
    Love Elle xoxo

    • Aren’t they totally adorable?!?!? Their hair will grow long enough to touch the ground, so we might even have to give them haircuts, lol.

      And to be honest, I totally feel like going to Indonesia with my daughter is something other people would do and not me! It astounds me that this is my life! i was trying to think about things we might like to do and see, and I just kept kind of feeling too amazed that we were going at all to actually think of something we might do once we’re there!
      She does Indo at school and Nicholai does french, so it made sense to take her in that respect. And he really doesn’t mind at all. It’s the little boys who feel bad! Although mostly I think they both just really want to go and see the monkey forest. One day I will have to take them as well…gives me more reason to go back!

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