Thursday 26 May 2016

Soren has such a way with words. When I picked him up after school he was all excited about a project he has to do. It’s for their unit on minibeasts, and when I asked him what he was going to do he said, “My project will be on the unlikeliest minibeast of them all…the octopus!”

It just cracked me up. Although it has led to a great deal of discussion about what exactly are the criteria for being considered a ‘minibeast’, because the word ‘mini’ kind of implies that things must be tiny, and although there are tiny octopi swimming around, there are also some very big ones.

I told the boys that Emma was coming to Indonesia with me today. It was really hard – Nicholai is unbothered and Soren wasn’t really upset either, but Jericho was devastated. He hates the thought of missing out on anything, and of course this is a huge thing. The idea that he will have his turn in a few years really didn’t do anything for him, he’s just mad and sad and hurt that he doesn’t get to go now. Soren accepted it much better, he just kind of sighed and said, “That means I have to wait five years!” I’m sure Jericho will settle down about it, but I really hate that I made him feel like that. I said something about it being a total boy house while Emma and I are gone and Troy said, “Yeah, pizza and video games!” which made Jericho laugh, so I think that’s good.

I didn’t make him go to hockey training tonight. I was going to, we got in the car and drove as far as Lilydale, but it was freezing cold and raining so hard that I could hardly see to drive, so I made the executive decision to call it off and turned around and came home. I didn’t want to drive forty-five minutes in that deluge (well, it would have been longer with the rain) only to have it called off when we got there. Last week only eleven kids showed up and the weather wasn’t even as bad as it was today, so I wouldn’t have been surprised to have even fewer this week. Footy training had been cancelled for Nicholai and Deb’s kids’ soccer had been called off too, so it seemed like hockey was the only one going ahead. It made me wish they played an indoor sport.

Teaching this morning went well. They wanted me to have a piece of work for each child to go in their portfolio, so I ended up spending hours yesterday making those up. The kids completed them though and I have collected them, so tomorrow I’ll try and do the cover sheet and be able to hand them over to the class teachers for inclusion. I have to do reports too – I wrote a paragraph for each class, which will be copied to each individual child’s report, and then I have to mark whether the kids are at the standard expected, or above or below. I’m not writing individual comments though, that would be a lot of kids and with only a half hour lesson each week I don’t think I’d have that much to say about a lot of them.


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