Wednesday 25 May 2016

Hi there!
If you’re reading this card, you asked why I am carrying a towel around with me.
Because I thought I’d get tired of having to explain that over and over and over again, I made cards in preparation.
Anyway, today is Towel Day. You are probably thinking, “What the heck is Towel Day?”
Towel Day is a day to celebrate Douglas Adams, in particular, his famous book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. One of the best passages in the book explains the importance of towels, and you can find it at this link
If you’ve read the book, good job. If you haven’t read the book, then you should. And remember: DON’T PANIC.

 Nicholai went well prepared for Towel Day, with this typed up and ready to hand out. He said that there were about twenty people watching the TV show in the library at lunch, several of them teachers and all holding towels. He also said the towel came in handy – he used it as a scarf, as a pouch to carry his things, as a weapon when someone stole something from him, as a blanket when he was a bit chilly, as an umbrella on the way home in the rain… He makes me laugh, and I’m really glad he had a fun day with it.

In news quite apart from Nicholai – I have booked tickets for my next holiday in Indonesia! And I’ve booked two tickets, because I’m going to take my Emmanuella with me. (You have to imagine me flailing around with a lot of internal screaming here.)

The plan since last year has been to go to Indonesia in 2017 with Alyssa. Because she is apparently much smarter than I am, she’s been keeping an eye on flight prices and this afternoon rang me to say that if I could commit now to go sometime between the end of January and the end of March, we could get return flights to Denpasar in Bali for $200. Obviously a deal WAY too good to pass up! And considering that doubling it to $400 was still less than I had been expecting to pay for my own ticket, I thought that maybe I should do what I’ve always wanted to do and take one of the kids with me. Emma does Indonesian at school and has asked more than once about coming with me some time, so she was kind of the obvious choice. Aack!

I told her on the way to hockey training, and she was suitably excited. Slightly shocked and intimidated too I think! I’ll have to give her some time to get used to the idea, and then we can start looking in to what we might want to do while we’re there. We’ve got fourteen days, flying in and out of Bali.

I admit I do feel guilty that I can only take one of them, and I really hope Nicholai isn’t too upset. I thought about taking him instead, since he’s the oldest, but I honestly don’t think he would enjoy it as much or get as much out of it as Emma will at this point. He’s never expressed any interest in going either, but I totally wouldn’t blame him for being upset that Ems gets an overseas trip and he doesn’t. But taking her is only $200 – it’s a hell of a lot more to take him to France!

Anyway, it is what it is. I’m sure Jericho and Soren will be jealous, but they are still little – if taking Emma this time works out well, then in the future I can take the others. We’ll have to talk about it with them tomorrow.

We’re leaving at the end of January and getting back on Valentines day. This does mean that Emma and I will both miss the first two weeks of school, but it can’t be helped. I’ll make sure to contact the school at the end of this year and speak to the Year 8 coordinator so that they know Emma will be away and can make arrangements for her to get any important start of the year info she misses out on. We’ll have to get a passport for her, and her vaccinations done – I’m guessing mine are still good. She can use Troy’s backpack and rain jacket that we bought to go last time, and apart from that it’s just clothes. Maybe I’ll buy her a good pair of walking shoes/boots, but she won’t need anything else much. And we’ll have Alyssa along to bargain for us…Emma can probably buy a whole new wardrobe cheaper than it would cost to pay for baggage.

I’m just so excited and terrified and my mind is in chaos about the whole thing. It’s just all come out of the blue and happened so suddenly, I wasn’t ready for it! But I’m mostly happy…it’s going to be amazing.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 25 May 2016

    • I don’t think she’d like wearing thongs – she’s not as clumsy as I am on uneven ground but thongs on some of those broken footpaths might be a bit hard for her, and a sprained ankle is really not what we want! When I went I wore boots – I looked like a weirdo and I had hot feet, but I got through unscathed, lol.

      • Eh, is no problem. I might just be a little too excited about two weeks of choosing between wearing either thongs or fancier thongs 😀

        • I am uncoordinated and have hypermobile ankles – trust me if I thought I could wear thongs around and not hurt myself I would, lol.
          I am so excited! I told everyone at school today and they all marvelled at my good fortune.

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