Tuesday 24th May 2016

It was Science Night at the primary school tonight, so Troy and I attended that with Soren, Jericho and Emma. It was really fun. In Soren’s classroom we did experiments with surface tension, and in Jericho’s classroom we built a windchime as one of their activities about sound. We had to leave at 6 to pick Nicholai up from football training, so we didn’t get a chance to go to the other classrooms but Jericho and Soren were just happy that we’d been to their rooms so that was okay.

There was a sausage sizzle and a Guess the Jellybeans in the Jar to raise money for more science equipment too, so after we’d done our experiments we went and bought the kids some dinner. Along with sausages they were also selling regular lemonade and spiders to drink, which was a big hit with the kids (and a pretty effective fundraiser to boot).

The three boys also had haircuts today. Finally! It was definitely long overdue, which was my fault, I’m terrible at making appointments for things. Anyway, it was the easiest haircut we’ve ever had – there was no one there before us so we walked in, they sat the three boys down in a row, and then the three hairdressers took one each and snipped away. We were done in fifteen minutes, and all the boys look great. Jericho and Soren were happy, Nick not so much. I don’t know what he wants his hair to look like, but apparently his new haircut is not it. It’s frustrating though, he knew this haircut appointment was scheduled and I reminded him more than once that he would have to tell the hairdresser what he wants and maybe he should find a picture or something, but he didn’t do it.

He’s being a little frustrating in general lately. He seems a little unhappy about school, but it’s like pulling teeth trying to get anything out of him about what is going on there. (This is a lifelong thing, not a teenage thing either.) He is not as happy about football either – he actually cried and banged his head against the goal post on Sunday apparently, which is certainly not a reaction he has had for a long time.

He seems to be having a little trouble organising himself in regards to schoolwork and homework too – he had several overdue learning tasks which resulted in last week’s technology restrictions, but when I checked him out yesterday he still had a bunch of things that he either hasn’t done or handed in late. But again, trying to talk to him about it is impossible. The thing is, kids with Aspergers are significantly more likely than the general population to have weak executive function. Trouble organising themselves is just part of the deal! It may not be a matter of ‘try harder’ with him – it is possible that as the expectations from school are rising and the tasks required of him are getting more complex that he genuinely isn’t able to keep up with it. And if that’s the case, we need to work with it so he has the best chance for success. Whether that’s extra support at school, working with him on using his school planner, having Troy or I help him with keeping track of his homework…whatever.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to get the school involved with it? I don’t know if Nicholai would like that, and since he doesn’t actually talk to us about what happens at school I don’t even really know if it’s needed! But it’s something to think about.

In slightly more positive news about Nicholai, tomorrow is apparently ‘Towel Day’ – a day in which people are supposed to carry a towel along with them as a celebration of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – and he is very much looking forward to it. He has chosen a plain maroon bath towel…whatever makes him happy.


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