Monday 23rd May 2016

I have just learned that Nicholai has had his twitter for a year and he averages out at about ten tweets a day!!!! What IS this?? For a kid who is supposed to be spending six and a half hours a day learning things in school, ten hours sleeping, and supposedly only has access to internet enabled devices on a 15 minute bus ride in the morning and then from after school until 5pm….I don’t even know how this is possible!

Anyway, this may change. After his behaviour last week and over the weekend we have now instituted technology jail. At 5pm ipads and phones go into the crate in the loungeroom. Nicholai was appalled when he was informed of this new rule today, and made sure to tell me that NO ONE else, EVER, has to suffer this indignity. My response that I don’t care about anyone else but I love him didn’t really impress him.

I had a doctor’s appointment today. I couldn’t see the doctor I saw last time, so I had someone new, but it wasn’t that big a deal really. I wanted to find out what I was supposed to be doing about my liver and ask about going back on Metformin again. He said my liver wasn’t an urgent problem, and I should continue on with diet and weightloss, add in Metformin, and redo the bloods in another few months and see if there if there is any change. That sounds fine to me. He was happy to re-prescribe Metformin, which should help with losing weight (in combination with eating low-carb I did lose weight on Metformin before) and regulating my period. I’ve only had one period all year – since I do not want to get pregnant it doesn’t really matter that I’m not ovulating, but to be constantly expecting my period to arrive any day for months on end is a little bit frustrating.

I went to Spotlight after the doctor appointment, to buy some yarn to knit a blanket. What I bought was the cheapest kind they had, but it feels quite soft and has a bit of a sheen to it. I hope it knits up nicely.

I have been using up all the odds and ends of acrylic yarn I had by making a scrap blanket, but I honestly hated it. I was knitting it in strips, each strip having blocks of colour of various sizes (basically I would knit until the yarn ran out) and then the strips would be sewed together. It was initially shaping up to look quite good, but some of the yarn was of really horrible quality so it felt awful, and then I sewed two strips together and the seaming was horrendously bad. Basically, it was crap and I would have been embarrassed to donate it – the needy (or whoever gets these charity blankets) don’t deserve an ugly and badly sewn knitted blanket. I thought I’d just have to throw it out, but it turns out that what I had knitted was just the right size to cover the ratty old dog bed in Luna’s crate. It looks warm and cosy in there now, even considering the dark brick surround (her crate sits in the fireplace) that has always made it look a little like she’s in a dungeon. Luna certainly appreciates this blanket – since it’s been in there she’s actually gone into her crate of her own volition and gone to sleep on it. Normally she only goes into her crate to eat, or when we tell her she has to get in there. So now she has an ugly blanket to call her own, and I’ll make a prettier one to donate and everyone can be happy.


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