Saturday 21 May, 2016

Soren and I went to IGA after school yesterday, so we could buy a snack like we do every Friday. As we were walking back to the car he commented on how busy it always was on a Friday night. I agreed, and then he said to me thoughtfully, “Well, I suppose it’s not surprising. People need to gather their resources for the weekend.”

So far our weekend has been hockey and hanging out at home. Emma played last night and won 1-0. Jericho played this morning and won 6-2, and he shot his very first goal! He usually plays on the backline, but I think with him being one of the biggest and most skilled players on the team he’s been moving up the field a bit more this year.

Nicholai has been miserable today. He had his electronics time reduced at the start of the week due to being behind on his homework, and then he lost them for good for the rest of the week on Wednesday, because he threw a giant fit about having to get off earlier than he would like. He was supposed to get them back today, but what does he do yesterday afternoon but ignore his consequences and go on the ipad anyway! So he didn’t get to use them today, and he was a pain in my ass ALL DAY LONG. He literally does not know what to do with himself if he doesn’t have his devices. He just mooched around the house sighing dramatically and occasionally pontificating about how he has nothing to do.

It made me realise that he must just completely ignore the limits on his devices generally. We’ve never taken them off him when time’s up, just left them in his room charging and trusted him to follow the rules. I knew he probably cheated a little, but I was prepared to turn a blind eye to that. But since today when the computer and ipad were physically out of his room he spent no time in there and didn’t actually DO anything, it’s pretty clear that he must just sit in there and play with them when no one is looking. So, that’s going to change. I’m thinking I’ll have a place in the loungeroom (a crate on the hearth, next to the power board so they can charge) that can act as ipad jail after their time on them is up, and I’m sorry if that’s ridiculous but it’s the way it is.

Although with no devices and the resulting extreme boredom weighing in, late this afternoon Nicholai actually played with Jericho and Soren. I don’t think I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I am not exaggerating when I say that I don’t think I have ever seen the three of them play together like that. Not only were they running around outside with weaponry, but Jericho was apparently the leader and Nicholai was not controlling them to his exacting specifications. It was astonishing. I should take away his computer more often.


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