Thursday 19 May 2016

Roasted chickpeas and peas as a snack? Really, light and easy people? Most of their food is okay, even if it’s not to my particular tastes I can understand that other people might like it. But this crap is just irredeemable. It tastes kind of like nothing, but worse than that is the way that you bite it and it all crumbles in your mouth. Whoever came up with the phrase “like ashes in my mouth” has clearly eaten roasted chickpeas.

I taught this morning, which went well. The animal masks for the prep-2 children were a big hit. I saw a whole group of them playing animals out in the playground at recess with their masks on, and several of them were still wearing them when they were collected at the end of the day. The other classes were all good too, so I feel quite happy about work today.

Jericho took all the skin off the bottom of his chin this morning, by tripping at school and bashing it onto the wooden edge of the raised garden beds. I was nearby when he did it and clearly heard the noise of his chin against the wood and his teeth smashing together – honestly, I know he hurt himself, but he really got off lucky because he could have broken a tooth or basically bitten his tongue in half he hit it so hard.

It was hard though, because even though he was crying and I really wanted to stay with him, the bell had gone and so I had to get to my classroom. So I had to just give him a kiss and send him off with Kirsten to get all the dirt washed out of the scrape. It’s silly, I mean usually I wouldn’t even be there to give him a hug if he got hurt at school and he’d be fine, but I still felt bad about not being able to help him feel better today!

Still, I think he’s fine. I took him to hockey training tonight, so there was more discussion of Game of Thrones (I got a new phone cover with the Stark direwolf and ‘Winter is Coming’ on it and he’s very impressed) and a discussion on ways that my primary school was different to his primary school, and what games we each played. It was raining pretty heavily at the start of training and although it stopped after a while he was still pretty wet.

Ootchy and Nemesis just had a fight in the loungeroom! Honestly cats, such behaviour is unacceptable. I don’t know if fighting is better or worse than the mouse Nemesis brought in for us last night though.


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