Wednesday 18 May 2016

Well, I went back on the diet today. Sigh. I suppose it helped that they gave me a pudding as part of my day’s menu.

Jericho stayed home from school today. He said last night that he didn’t feel well and when he still didn’t feel well this morning I let him stay home. I was pretty doubtful about it, but he did look a little pale and seemed a little warm so I made the call. It was the wrong one though, he was pretty much fine all day and could have gone to school.

Troy stayed home with Jericho this morning while I went back to Costco, this time with money in the bank. Since I was there only yesterday, it didn’t take me long to find what I needed. Mostly just the usual stuff, but I also bought a pair of sneakers for Emma. Which I was able to buy because our feet are now the same size and so I could try them on myself! I do like Costco, but I have never shopped anywhere else where there are so many people who are completely incompetent at pushing trolleys.

I spent most of the rest of the day planning for teaching tomorrow. I made up a couple of worksheets that I’m quite happy with (a map one for the middle grades, and one about packing for a holiday for the senior class), and for the animal topic I’m doing with the junior grades I printed and cut out animal masks for us to make tomorrow. That’s what took the most time – cutting eyeholes one at a time with a craft knife was not exactly fun.

Hockey training for Emma tonight. I finished the toe increases for Troy’s sock, but it was definitely hard to knit with such cold fingers.

I had an argument with Nicholai this afternoon. He is behind on his homework, so as a consequence he’s only allowed half an hour on his electronics after school instead of the full hour. However when I told him this punishment yesterday I actually just used the term “ipad”, which he thought meant he was free to play on the internet on his computer all afternoon. He didn’t take kindly to being set straight, and words were exchanged. Loudly. So now there are no electronics at all for the rest of the week. I don’t know, he was probably a bit stressed out because he played soccer for school today. He had fun – they won two out of three games and he kicked two goals – but I think it was one of those things that are as stressful as it is enjoyable for him.


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