Monday 16 May 2016

Why do I look so stupid wearing a beanie? Is it my face? The shape of my head? A lifetime of unflattering beanies and nothing to do with me? Seriously, beginning with childhood and my Sydney Swans beanie that had CORNERS, they’ve never looked right on me.

However, despite knowing how bad I look in them I’ve just knitted another one. Sitting around at hockey training is perishingly cold, and I have now grown old and crotchety enough that comfort will win out over style any time. I’ve been borrowing the beanie I knitted for Troy at Easter, but since he now wants to wear it walking to and from work and I have to leave for hockey before he gets home we really need another one. So I knitted it using the same pattern, even managing to have all the cables twisting the right way at the right time, only to learn once it’s all finished that I must have made a smaller size than the one I made for Troy because it’s kind of tight on my head. I do have a bigger head than Troy so we could probably swap, but I made this new hat slightly taller than the other one to fit my big head, so I think I’ll wash it tomorrow and try stretching it out a bit.

I really don’t have anything to say. It was just a good day. Like, nothing amazing happened but the kids were lovely and I was able to ignore most of my chores to knit this hat, and when I was washing the dishes I was looking out to the backyard where the chickens were scratching in the sun and I just thought that I really do like my life. There are things I wish for, but right here and now, this is good.


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