Sunday 15 May 2016

Nicholai had a good win at football today – final score was 90 to 20. He’s been complaining a bit lately that there’s something wrong with his thigh and it hurts when he trains or plays, but it was okay today and he played three quarters.

Troy and I both went to watch, taking all the children and the dog with us. It was a good day weather-wise and I thought it would be pleasant to take a picnic lunch with us and then sit on the picnic blanket and watch. I should have known better! Jericho and Soren were not exactly thrilled with this activity and felt that they needed to inform me of their negative opinions, entirely too frequently. Dear god the two of them can whine! When they weren’t whining they were annoying each other, so you know, delightful company. I think there were a lot of other things Emma would have rather been doing, but at least she accepted the situation fairly gracefully. She had taken her ereader with her and just read the whole time. (Jericho and Soren had books too, so it’s beyond me why they didn’t just read if they were bored!) Honestly, the dog was probably the least trouble out of anyone.

I took some photos, although Nicholai was in the back line so he didn’t get a lot of action. I also started a new sock while he was at the opposite end of the ground and out of photo range. This sock is for Troy, it will be the pair for the brown sock I have already knitted him – obviously not a true pair since one will be brown and one yellow, but that’s what happens when you don’t calculate your yarn needs correctly and buy a yarn that is about to be discontinued so you will not be able to buy more of it!

Everyone was really tired this afternoon once we’d come home from the football. For me and Troy it was our own fault – Saturday night Bellator MMA just kills me the next day. So tonight has been fish and chips for the others for tea and then early bedtime.

Troy is watching Masterchef, which is frankly something I could do without. I find this show unbearably pretentious anyway, but watching it whilst I am on a diet seems to be enraging me, especially when they make desserts.


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