Saturday 14 May 2016

I should never have written positively about Light and Easy yesterday, since it’s obviously put a hoodoo on me. Today I took Jericho to a birthday party where they had pizza and bowls of lollies, and I nearly died for want of them.

Apart from the torture of lollies that I couldn’t eat the party was okay. Jericho had a lot of fun and I got most of the rest of my sock knitted. I wouldn’t usually stay at a party with him, but it was at inflatable world and it seemed easier to just stay there and knit rather than go to the shopping centre or whatever. It’s too far away to come home. I talked to a couple of other mums, which was okay. It’s always a little bit awkward when they start talking about teachers at the school though. I don’t know, I want to know everything about everyone but at the same time I am generally quite uncomfortable with gossip.

Emma’s hockey goal last night was part of a 3-0 win for them, so she was happy. Jericho played this morning and they lost 4-0, although Troy said that it was a closer game than the score would lead you to believe.

Jericho is completely intrigued by Game of Thrones. I’ve run out of anything vaguely G-rated to tell him about it, so I pulled up images of the characters online so he could see that. I was pretty amused to realise that when I told him Tyrion was a dwarf he thought he was a dwarf like in the Hobbit or Narnia – he hadn’t really known that little people actually exist.

I can’t believe I’ve nearly finished knitting my rainbow socks! They look great and will be very cosy and warm. I’m knitting a hat as well. I’ve been borrowing the one I knitted for Troy so that I can wear it to hockey training, but he needs one to walk to and from work and I leave for training before he gets home. So I’m knitting a new one for me. I made a mistake on it already– I honestly wonder if I’ll ever knit something without mistakes! I’m not unpicking the hat though, I’m just hoping that this particular mistake won’t be too noticeable at the end of the day.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 14 May 2016

  1. For a more PG story about dragons, maybe he would like to try the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Medieval-esque world with dragons. Sex and death in the series is more implied than overt, but I’d suggest he start with Dragonsong and Dragonsinger – my favourites. Lonely talented girl misunderstood by her family and society, runs away to survive alone and raise a clutch of miniature dragons. They are novels though, would he be interested in that?

    • Thanks for this! Fantasy has never really been my genre, so I’m pretty clueless. I’ve managed to find these ones online, so we’ll see how he goes with them. It’s odd, he’s not very good at selecting books for himself, although if he’s given something and told to read it he reads fast and well and enjoys it.

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