Sunday 8th May 2016

Happy Mothers Day! I had a lovely day. I got a card and the foot filer thing I bought the other day, and I also got some seashell chocolates that I cheated on my diet to eat. And I have to say that I enjoyed every single sweet, delicious, forbidden mouthful.

It was a lazy day too. It was cool and rainy outside so, apart from Nicholai who had to play football, we all spent the day doing our thing inside. Emma listened to music and read and played on her ipad. Jericho and Soren pulled out all their army figures and constructed a prison to hold all their knights and Schleich figures (they were clearly inspired by watching Tomorrow When the War Began on ABC last night), then played on the Wii and watched a movie. Nicholai’s football game was extraordinarily successful, and they won by about eighty points or something.

It was certainly different to yesterday, when we went and watched Jericho play hockey in blazing sunshine. His team had a 3 all draw, and he played very well. He really is good actually. Nicholai strongly objected to coming along, but he brought his notebook and pen and kept stats throughout the game, and later said that it hadn’t been bad at all. Emma had a friend from her team there, so she spent a bit of time talking to her and they had a hit when the field was free. Her team lost on Friday night (2-0) so this weekend we had a loss, a draw and a win with the kids’ sports.

He’s just like his dad – Troy can’t play a game of hockey without skinning his knees or knuckles or elbows or something, and Jericho seems to be going the same way. Here he is after Saturday’s game sporting his own war wound on his knee.

One thought on “Sunday 8th May 2016

  1. I’ve been watching Tomorrow on iview and I wondered if your kids were watching it.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

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