Friday 6th May 2016

I took Jericho to hockey yesterday and we continued our discussions on life and the world in general. He likes hearing about when I was little and has asked a lot of questions about funny stuff that my siblings and I did, or naughty things I did. He thought it was both hilarious and shocking when I told him that we used to sneak all the 2 cent lollies from their big jars in the back of the shop, ha ha ha. Yesterday we talked about things that I was scared of when I was a kid, and things that he’s scared of now.

Between talking about what the rules were when I was a kid, and watching Wife Swap with me and seeing how all those different families run things, he’s really thinking about how things work in families, and that people’s definitions of strict/relaxed/fair/unfair can be really varied. It’s been really good to talk with him about the rules we have, and why we have some of them, and although he doesn’t like some of our rules he does understand why we have them and what we’re hoping to achieve.

He told me yesterday that I was a ‘kind’ mum. He said that even though we had some strict rules I am never mean, and he’s glad that he has a kind mum. I laughed a little bit, but really…isn’t that one of the best things he could say to me? I do try and be kind to the children, and respectful of their feelings (within the parameters of also parenting them to become good people), and I’m honestly touched that he sees that, and that my intentions have translated into actions. I love him so much, and I think him telling me I was kind says really good things about the relationship I have with the kids, and the safety and security they feel in our family.

It is funny to think about the rules we had when we were little, and how they differ or are the same as the rules I have with my kids now though! Jericho was horrified when I told him that at bedtime we used to have the lights turned out and the door closed and that was it. But then I told him that we were also allowed to drink cordial whenever we wanted (my kids only have it sometimes) and he thought that perhaps that was a better rule than ours, ha ha ha. He also thought it must have been good to be able to roam around town without parents too, since that is something that isn’t allowed here, and he liked the idea that we could work at the shop and earn some money!

Jericho’s not feeling very happy at school at the moment though. He isn’t enjoying recess and lunchtime that much, and is a little bit anxious about not having friends. I hope this is just temporary for him, and that soon things will settle down.

The other three are all good. Nicholai is busy with his blog and running the family footy tipping competition, where he’s started writing a little article summing up the round when he sends out the new form for the week’s tips. Soren is just doing his Soren thing and is quite content with that. Emma had the cross country today which she wasn’t really thrilled about, and she’s gone off to hockey tonight to take her turn at playing goalie. I hope she has a good game and that it’s fun for her.


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