Monday 2nd May 2016

Troy and I had a real parenting fail moment this morning – we forgot it was a curriculum day and we took the boys to school! Troy took them and when he pulled up in the carpark there were no other cars and the schoolyard was completely deserted. He said they just kind of sat there in surprise and then Jericho said, “Oh yeah, I forgot it’s meant to be a curriculum day. So Troy drove them back home and they got changed out of their uniforms and went on with a day at home!

I was disgusted with myself for this lapse in attention to their schooling, but I was also mildly amused. And to be honest I think Jericho and Soren enjoyed their day more because it was completely unexpected. It was like a surprise gift of freedom and they were giddy with it. They’re getting along so well at the moment too, it’s like they’re friends and they just got to hang out for an extra long time today. They jumped on the trampoline and played with Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon cards and then watched Jumanji. After lunch I let them have some poker chip time too, so it really was like an awesome day for them!

I talked to Twilight girl today over google hangout. Which was really fun – it’s kind of weird to see her as an actual person and hear that accent and all. But I have to say, this is the second time we’ve done this and both times have been on days where I haven’t washed my hair but have just tied it up into a manky ponytail. Which is ridiculous, because if there’s one thing I have to have clean in my house it’s my hair! I hardly ever go a day without washing it, and now the two times I have seen this person that I vaguely want to impress (that could be a losing battle, but I can hope) it’s been gross. Oh well.

I had to ring the doctors’ surgery again today, since I didn’t hear back from them last week about the liver specialist referral. The receptionist just sounded confused, but eventually I think I managed to make her understand what I was after and she said she’d talk to the doctor about it. If they don’t get back to me this time I’ll just have to make an appointment to deal with it I guess, although the doctor said I didn’t have to.

The garter stitch blanket I’m knitting for donation is coming along well. It’s the kind of knitting that would drive some people mad with its endlessly repeating stitch, but I don’t mind it. It knits up fast, especially with the slippery smooth Addi needles I’m using, and it’s going to use up all the stray ends and half balls of acrylic I’ve got, so that’s good too.


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