Saturday 30 April 2016

Jericho had his first hockey game of the season today. We had to drive to Frankston for it, which is a bit of a hike from here, but it was a lovely sunny day and it was nice driving along, and then sitting in the shade and knitting a sock and watching him. His team were soundly beaten, but Jericho played well and there was some nice teamwork from his team. Jericho’s the oldest and the biggest kid in the team- in general they skew young for an under 10s team I would say. Still, none of the kids seemed to give up and stop trying, so hopefully their hard work will pay off later in the season with a few wins.

Troy stayed home and did the vacuuming while I drove Jericho to hockey, and I can’t overstate how nice it was to come home to a house that was so much cleaner than I left it.

I had lunch when I got home and then I did some knitting while watching Wife Swap with Jericho. He loves it, and I love watching his hilarious facial expressions as he takes in all the rules and funny set-ups of the families on it.

Nicholai did go to the shopping centre to meet up with his girl. We actually ended up having him catch the bus, so it was a real venture into independence for him. I have to admit that I gritted my teeth a bit at the idea of him just hanging around at the shopping centre- teenagers hanging around tend to be obnoxious to the rest of the world, but in the end I just had to trust him to behave himself. And it was just him and the girl anyway, so not a whole gang. Troy picked him up later in the afternoon and when I asked him he told me that they’d walked around a bit and had something to eat and both bought books in the bookshop. He was happy.

I told him to have fun before he left, and when he came home I said I was glad he had a good time. I wanted to tell him so much more though – to be kind to her and true to himself, and that I hope she doesn’t break his heart. But I also wanted to say that she maybe will break his heart, because he’s fourteen and it all matters so much at that age, but that he’ll be okay anyway.

Emma is having a friend from school sleep over tonight. She was dropped off this afternoon and the two of them spend most of the rest of the day outside on the trampoline, jumping and making music videos of themselves on their ipads. I just checked on them and they’re in Emma’s room, lying on her bed and the camp stretcher respectively (right next to each other…her room is small) doing what looked like quizzes on their ipads. I kind of rolled my eyes at the ipad use, but at the same time it made me remember hanging out in my room at uni with Rose’s crate of Dolly magazines and doing all the quizzes in there, so who am I to judge?

Really, I’m glad she’s having a friend over. Her high school friends sound like nice girls, and I want her to feel comfortable having friends over because in a lot of ways I’d rather they were here messing around than somewhere else (like the shopping centre, ha ha ha) messing around. Doing a little driving and putting out an extra plate at dinner isn’t much trouble, and I think it will be good to have at least a passing acquaintance with her friends. The same goes for Nicholai and his friends too – we’ll see how that goes.

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