Tuesday 26 April 2016

Jericho and Soren went back to school today after their long weekend, but Nicholai and Emma had a curriculum day and so stayed home. They both spent most of the day glued to their ipads/ computers in their rooms, and I barely noticed they were here at all.

I really had a good weekend at Mum and Dad’s. Benita was staying there with Cam and her kids from Monday night, and they arrived in the morning so we’d be able to spend some time together. My kids really like having a chance to play with all their little cousins. Although I was surprised at how much all three of her kids have grown since I last saw them! So we took our time packing up the car and having lunch and talking, and didn’t get going until about 2. The drive home was fine, we stopped for a snack and then for tea, and got home in time to unpack and go to bed.

Poor Soren wasn’t well though. He spent a bit of the morning lying curled up in bed doing nothing and then fell asleep leaning against Troy on the couch. He had a temperature in the car and slept on and off most of the way home. When we stopped for tea he was so tired he couldn’t even stand up long enough for our order to be prepared – he was leaning against me and he just kind of slithered down to the floor, until I picked him up again. I thought he’d be at home today for sure, but after twelve hours sleep in his own bed he was up as perky and cheerful as ever this morning. So I suppose it will just remain a short, mystery illness.

I’ve done some planning and writing today, as well as dealing with all the washing. I honestly don’t know why there was so much – we did laundry while we were at mum and dad’s, but it’s like I came home with bales of the stuff.

I did remember to call the doctor today to ask about the referral to the liver specialist but didn’t hear back – I’ll have to keep on that.

I took my Light and Easy food with me on the weekend and I managed to stick to it pretty well. I had to eat other food while we on the road, but I was very conscious of what I was eating when I did it. I mean I was eating junk, but I only had a small meal and it was enough, so I guess I have been getting accustomed to a healthy portion size. I went right back to it today though. Three weeks down, seven more weeks to go. (More or less, how long I’m on it will depend a bit on how things are going.)


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