Thursday 21st April 2016

Today I hated being on a diet. I had to eat oats for breakfast which I don’t like and the lunch salad wasn’t that good, and I was tired and sad and fed up and all I wanted was some comfort food. I didn’t get any though. And comfort food is a big part of what got me in to this position in the first place, so I really need to stop dealing with my emotions via food.

But I still hated it all today.

I don’t know why I was so down. I taught this morning and it went reasonably well. I was really impressed with the seniors actually – I’d written up a couple of paragraphs of Indonesian for us to translate together, which isn’t something that we’ve done very much of at all, and they were great. Willing to give it a go and make guesses on words they didn’t know. I’ve talked to the kids a lot this year about learning a language in general, and strategies that will make it easier. I really don’t expect most of the kids to come away from primary school with any great linguistic skills, but what I hope I am able to give them is confidence that they can learn a language. It’s a skill that can be learned, just like they originally learned to talk and read and do maths.

I found out from Soren’s teacher today that he hasn’t been handing in any homework. Honestly, that child’s organisational skills are non-existent. I know that he actually does the homework because I talk about it with him and watch him do it! He’s just forgetting to hand it in, the same way he forgets to give me any school notes he gets. I am embarrassed about how often his teacher has had to ask me about permission forms or whatever and it’s only really been one term. I think we really need to work on this with him.

I took Jericho to hockey training this evening and it poured with rain the whole time. He was soaked by the time they finished, but he didn’t mind. It was a fun drive with him actually. He likes to talk and he likes to ask questions and find out a whole lot of things about me too. Last week he really wanted to know about what names we considered for him and the others when they were babies (he was inspired by baby Leila being born and me being very impatient to find out her name). Today he wanted to know about what games I liked playing when I was little, so I told him lots of funny stories about what Lee and Christy and I used to do when we lived in Bundoora. He’s honestly just really good company.

Really, I love my kids. They’re all so different and I’m loving this big-kid phase of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 21st April 2016

  1. I love hearing about your big kid phase, because I’m loving my baby phase so much I sometimes wonder if big kids will be as nice. But thinking about really taking with them is pretty exciting.
    Well done for sticking with no emotional treat eating, you are strong and amazing!!

    • I used to wonder if I would like the big kid phase too, because I did love my babies. And sometimes I do look at you guys on instagram or wherever with all your little ones and I miss it. But there have been a lot of unexpected joys with bigger kids for me, and I really love watching them develop their individualism and independence, and strengthen their sense of self.
      I am also enjoying it while I can, because I’m sure before I know it they’ll all be obnoxious teenagers!

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