Tuesday 19 April 2016

On the way home from school this afternoon Jericho, Soren and I were discussing the fact that a little girl in Jericho’s class who wears wigs has a new one. We were talking about how it would be cool to change your hairstyle every day without having to grow/ cut it, and I said something about my hair being always the same. Soren then said, “Yeah Mum, you are pretty generic.” Umm..okay?

We started the day off with animal drama today. A dog from the house behind us tunnelled under the fence and chased the goats! Troy woke me up to say that the rear neighbour’s dog had dug a hole under our fence and was currently stuck halfway through it, so he was going round to the neighbour to tell them. This was strange enough, but there wasn’t anything I could do so I got up and went into the shower. I was all covered in shampoo when Emma and Jericho rushed into tell me that there was a dog, a husky, running around in our backyard and the goats were going crazy. One of them had broken his collar and was galloping about the yard while the dog chased him. I rinsed off and got out as quick as I could, but by the time I was dressed Troy was out in the backyard with the husky tied to a tree, while he wrestled the goat into Pedro’s old collar and tethered him again and filled in the hole the dog had dug with rocks. No one had answered at the neighbour’s house. I realised that we were already five minutes late to leave for school in order for Soren to be there on time for his excursion bus, so I threw him in the car, left Troy wrangling animals and children, and drove to school. Quite frankly I am amazed no one was either injured or killed – huskies are not really known for being friendly to other dogs and animals.

I got Soren to school in time for his excursion (they went to the museum) and then came home to eat my breakfast and repeat the drive to take Jericho to school. We left the husky tied to the tree with a bucket of water. It could be seen through the gate by anyone going past, and when I got back home after taking Jericho to school and going shopping it was gone. I’m assuming its owners went out looking for it and came in and rescued it. I hope it doesn’t dig through again. The goats have eaten everything down the side and at the back of the shed though and so will be returning to their paddock soon enough, which will hopefully eliminate the temptation for the dog to dig.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 19 April 2016

  1. for Skyla’s bedtime stories tonight she chose the 2 stories emma made all her girl cousins. She still loves them but has decided tomorrow she needs to colour in Daisy fairy as she is black and white. I hope you have a lovely night. I still love reading your journal xoxox

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