Sunday 17 April 2016

My library card catalogue is now installed in my study. There is nothing in the card drawers yet, but I’m using the shelves underneath to store some of my Indo games and activities. These had been balanced on top of the cubes by my desk and were always threatening to fall down on my head, so I’m happy that they now have somewhere to go. Admittedly it doesn’t look the best though, so I’m going to go and buy some baskets that will hold all the Ziploc bags.

We got it from St Francis’ church in the city, and at some point it used to belong to the Melbourne College of Divinity. We had to drive in to the city to get it, and fortunately the church has a carpark so we didn’t have to carry it down the street or anything – the thing weighs a ton. It was upstairs at the church so Troy and the guy we were dealing with brought it down (in the lift) on a trolley and managed to wrestle it into the car. We learned from this, and once we got it home we took out all the drawers and the shelves out before we carried it inside!

The drive was good. We had to fold down the back seats to fit it in, so Nicholai and Emma stayed home and Jericho and Soren came with us. I laughed so much though – I had my knitting with me and as we were driving along Jericho said very indignantly, “How come Mum gets enrichment activities in the car and I don’t?”

It was a nice day generally though. Since bringing a library card catalogue into the study involved moving an armchair out and general shifting around of furniture, I figured I may as well do a bit of organising out there and so I sorted and dusted my desk stuff as I put it all back. The kids did their usual weekend stuff – I really like this stage they’re in, where they all enjoy their weekends and seem to occupy themselves and have fun really well. I was so tired from staying up watching Bellator last night that I had a nap this afternoon. Troy made a baked omelette with ham and capsicum for dinner, although how that is not a quiche I don’t know.

Today was the first day that I’ve been on Lite and Easy and really wanted to eat something else. I don’t know why, and I didn’t cheat on it, but it was hard. Generally speaking I am enjoying the food though. Today I had nut cluster crunch cereal and a piece of ciabatta toast with jam for breakfast, and a kiwi fruit for morning snack. For lunch I had cheesy chicken macaroni bake (which had a lot more vegetables in it than chicken or macaroni, but was delicious) and some dried fruit. For afternoon snack I had a slice of sultana cake and some rice crackers, and I had chicken satay with rice for dinner. So it’s all good.

I haven’t weighed myself. I am tempted to, but I don’t think there is actually much point. Whether I have or haven’t lost weight I’m going to continue to eat the same diet, but if I haven’t lost weight I’m going to be really demoralised so it’s probably best that I don’t know. I’m surely healthier, nutrition-wise anyway, than I was before I started. I have noticed that I have less bloating and heartburn, which is nice. I suppose I shall just keep on going, and waiting to see some results.

New library card catalogue! It’s in really good shape actually – the lacquer is a little cracked in a couple of places on the top, and one drawer is missing the metal rod that would go through the holes in the index cards to keep them in place, but that’s all.

And once everything was back in the study. You can see why I want some nice baskets for the shelves.


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