Saturday 16th April 2016

It’s a good thing Emma only has to wear her retainer at night time. She puts it in when she cleans her teeth after dinner, and she lisps so badly when it’s in her mouth. It’s kind of funny.

Just went out and measured our car to make sure our library card catalogue will fit in when we go and pick it up tomorrow. It will fit, just. It’s very handy having a van where you can reconfigure the seats.

Today was nice. Soren had a birthday party to go to, so I drove him over to that at lunchtime. They played laser strike outside, which I didn’t even know you could really do, but he had a great time. When I arrived to pick him up he immediately dragged me into HQ to show me the army clothes he had to wear and the gun he used, and then he showed me where they played. It was really good actually, it was a slope that had some good clear spaces and some fun areas of trees and shrubs for cover. Soren gave his friend a slushy maker and a minecraft creeper, and was happy as a clam when I was driving him home.

I did some more knitting, and watched the last couple of episodes of The Scheme on youtube. After watching a lot of Toddlers and Tiaras and then a lot of 16 and Pregnant, I’m now watching shows about poor people living on housing estates. I’ve been through the English and Irish versions, and now The Scheme is Scottish. Except the accents of the people are so strong I can understand about one word in five from a few of them. It’s good there’s a voiceover that occasionally summarises what’s going on or I would be completely lost.

Troy made soup for dinner, at Jericho’s request. Since I am on Lite and Easy Jericho had the brilliant idea that they should eat all the things I hate – I think there is going to be a few soups and stews and casseroles coming over the next few weeks.


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