Friday 15 April 2016

Troy and I won a library card catalogue drawer set on ebay! I am honestly quite astonished. I’ve wanted one for ages, but the ones I’ve seen have all been too expensive, too beat up (I don’t want to have to do any furniture restoration here), or just not that nice. Or all three. However the other day I found one on ebay and we bid on it, although I fully expected not to win. I wasn’t willing to pay the $500-$600 I thought it would probably go for, but since you never know if you might get lucky we put down a bid. This all reminded me why I hate ebay – I can’t stand the pressure of an auction. However after all that, we actually won it, so once we organise pick up I will actually own a library card catalogue. It’s not going to go in the library though, I’m going to put it in my study. And put yarn in the drawers, even though I’ll fit about one skein in each drawer.

My lovely card catalogue!

Although I still have about two months of Lite and Easy to go, I was thinking today that the liver problems will probably be pretty strong motivation to keep on a diet once I’m finished with it. I mean, I could eat all the donuts OR I could not let my liver disease progress to irreversible liver damage and death. I don’t know that even my love for donuts is going to stand up against that alternative.

The goats have settled in and are behaving themselves. The white one got all tangled in the trampoline legs this afternoon, but he just kept bleating until I went out and rescued him. Luna barks at them a bit, and then they stamp their feet and lower their horns at her – she’s going to be in trouble if she gets too close.

Speaking of Luna, she’s now growing back fur on the places that she scratched bald during her allergy time, but the fur is a different colour and texture to the rest of her fur. It’s bizarre. So now she has a love heart shaped gingerish patch on her butt.

I am the worst housekeeper ever. I just spilled the remains of a bowl of popcorn in my chair. Rather than go and get out the vacuum cleaner to clean it up I just dusted it all under the chair cushion so I won’t have to see it until next time I vacuum.


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