Thursday 14th April 2016

I know I’ve complained about the forty-five minute drive to and from hockey training, but I think in the end it’s going to be one of my favourite parts of the week. I took Jericho today, and he pretty much talked to me the whole time. It was great – we talked about Indonesian lessons and the kids in his class, we talked about holidays and where he’d like to go on a holiday (he thinks we should get a caravan), he told me about the books he’s been reading, we talked about Lee’s new baby and he asked about what other names we considered for him and the others, we talked about plays and favourite school subjects and church. It was just so interesting, and so good having all this time to talk with him. I just wish he was big enough to sit in the front, rather than us having this conversation with him in the back seat!

It’s the same with Emma too. (Although I didn’t take her to hockey training last night since she was too tired after camp to go). She’s big enough to sit in the front, so that makes conversation easier. It’s not even like I have to push either – we just drive along listening to the music and they start the conversation and it flows from there. With four kids in the family one on one time isn’t plentiful, so I think it’s going to be good to have this built in time in our routine.

It was back to work after the holidays for me today. I was prepared, so it went okay. I’m doing the maps/directions topic with the middle grades this term, and starting a unit on holidays with the senior room. I was very brave (read: foolish) and tried to do the action words with Soren’s grade, but letting them get up and do the actions just seemed to send them wild, which I should have seen coming. The preps and I continued learning about Indonesia, which was lovely.

I came home and read about liver disease and got depressed. I realise that there’s no point worrying about this, that the only thing I can do to make any difference to it at this point is to lose weight, and I’m doing what I can on that point. But it’s not very reassuring to see that my abnormal blood results have got worse in the two months since I was last tested and to read about the possible problems arising from this. It’s also extremely demoralising to hear about the link between obesity and this liver disease…um, so it’s all my fault, okay then. Blah. I guess I just have to hope that the GP does the referral to the liver specialist and it doesn’t take too long to get an appointment, because I would like some more definitive answers.

However Lee had her baby today and that just cheered me right up. I love babies, and love having a new little one to welcome to the world and our family! Whenever someone I know has a new baby I always remember the sheer wonder of my own new babies and that magical first day, and I can’t think about that without feeling happy.

Lee’s baby was a girl too, so now she will have two little girls who will have each other for their sisters. It’s the one thing I think I’ll always be a little bit sorry about – that I didn’t get to give Emmanuella a sister. I mean, she’ll never know any different, but I have sisters and I can’t imagine growing up and living without that. At the same time, Emma’s lack of sisters means that she and I are a team in this house of boys, and that’s kind of cool.


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