Wednesday 13th April 2016

Emma came back from camp today. She had a good time, she went swimming and on a giant swing and she stayed up very late talking to her friends so she’s exhausted. However the bucket of fairy floss she spent her money on gave her enough energy to get through the afternoon, ha ha.

I had an appointment with the doctor today, to go over the results from my pap test, ultrasound and blood tests. Pap test was good. Ultrasound and blood tests were not. It turns out I do have fatty liver disease, and I also have an enlarged liver which could be related to the fatty liver disease or could be something else.

So the GP sent me to have a blood test for hepatitis and is going to refer me to a liver specialist, who will do some other tests to work it out. I know that it will probably all come back to me losing weight, since that’s the only thing I can do – I can’t stop taking my medications, even though they could well be causing some of the problems. I have to take a copy of the blood test results and the ultrasound report with me when I see Dr de Silva next, so that at least she’s aware of the issue when she’s prescribing for me.

Honestly, I am so tired of health issues that I don’t even really care. It all feels a bit out of my hands. I mean, I’m doing what I can to lose weight, which everything says is key, but I can’t make that happen any more quickly or easily. Apart from that…I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 13th April 2016

  1. I’m sorry that your results weren’t great. I can’t imagine how disheartening it must be. I think you are doing a wonderful job doing what you can to lose weight and help yourself. I really believe you can do it!!

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