Monday 11th April 2016

All the children went back to school today. It’s weird how they’re back one day, and already the holidays seemed like they happened weeks ago.

First day of term 2 went well for them all though. Well, all the ones that I spoke to! Emma went on camp today and we won’t see her until Wednesday afternoon.

I drove Em to school this morning, because of her bags for camp. Nicholai elected to go on the school bus anyway, even though I was driving in – he wanted every single second possible of time on his ipad before school started. And since he wouldn’t have been allowed to pick it up at home, whereas he uses the hall wifi at the bus stop and then plays games all the way to school and does whatever with it once he’s there, Nick felt the bus was the better deal.

After I’d dropped Emma off I went to Officeworks for more printer ink, then to Big W for buttons and Petstock for Luna’s food. I felt so efficient doing all my errands in such a timely manner! Of course I then came home and basically did nothing for the rest of the day, but at least there were some accomplishments. Oh, I did clean the microwave – that was disgusting. It wasn’t until I started eating Lite and Easy that I noticed, since I never use it at any other time, so it was a long overdue job.

Troy has hockey tonight, so he came home from work only long enough to tell me about his day and get changed before he headed out again. With him and Emmanuella gone, tea was a very quiet affair – especially since it was spaghetti bolognaise, which is the one meal that Jericho loves enough that he’ll eat instead of talk.

Although they did make me laugh when they were talking at the end of tea. Nicholai was pontificating about Snapchat, and why picture based social media sites and teenagers are a bad combination (honestly, the child acts like he’s forty sometimes) and Soren said, “Yeah, I bet they take photos of their rude fingers.” Nicholai just rolled his eyes at that, while Jericho gave Soren a little sideways grin and said, “I think they’re more likely to take photos of their rude regions.”

New World’s Best Flag voting round is up! Remember to vote and spread the word!

Ha ha, okay I just voted in Nicholai’s flag thing…make sure to read the little tidbits of information above the flag when you’re voting!


One thought on “Monday 11th April 2016

  1. Just voted and posted the link on Facebook, hopefully that will get a few more votes, I know at least one of my friends has been voting!!

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