Saturday 9th April 2016

I am always amused when one of my children develops a liking for something that the others don’t like. Specifically this time I am talking about Soren and his fondness for his “fancy pants”! The pants are chino style, much more formal than any other pants the boys have ever had (they were ‘church pants’ hand-me-downs from Miffi), and although they lived in Nicholai’s drawer and then Jericho’s drawer when they fitted them, neither of the other two would ever even try them on. Soren on the other hand, adores these fancy pants and wears them all the time- he’s so funny!

I’ve done 3 days of Lite and Easy. 67 to go. Not that I’m counting or anything.

Really, it’s not so bad at all. I like the breakfasts and lunches quite a lot. Dinners I think I will have to get used to, just because they’re new and different. And since apparently listing what I eat is like describing outfits in the BSC, today I had berry muesli and yoghurt plus a piece of toast with peanut butter for breakfast, and an apple for morning snack. For lunch I had chicken breast and salad (carrot/cucumber/tomato/lettuce) on a grain roll and an orange. Afternoon snack was some nuts and a spinach and fetta muffin. Tea was spinach tortellini in tomato sauce.

Mostly it just feels weird to be eating different food to the rest of the family. Not that I can do anything about that, so we’ll just live with it. The kids like reading the menu and telling me what I’m having and then inspecting my food though, ha ha ha.

We took the children and went grocery shopping this morning. Taking Nicholai and Jericho out together may have been a mistake, since they are very definitely not the best of friends. Actually, the two of them together are nothing but annoying. Once again, it felt weird to be buying all this food that I won’t eat any of!

We had a lazy Saturday afternoon at home. The kids spent all their poker chips for electronics and I watched more about Benefits Britain and worked on the baby blanket. I finished all the knitting portion, so now I’m just going to do a nice crocheted edge and it will be done. And since now it’s Saturday night, and that means a couple of hours of tv (hopefully Game of Thrones actually) and then Bellator MMA I’ll have plenty of time to work on it!


One thought on “Saturday 9th April 2016

  1. How cute is Soren and his Fancy pants!!! I just love it!. Also I think the lite and easy food sounds bloody delicious!! Enjoy for the next 67 days xoxo

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