Thursday 7th April 2016

I started Lite and Easy today. It was…okay. It seemed like a lot more food than I normally eat, although it’s probably not because the portion sizes are small. But I don’t usually eat two snacks, or three different things for breakfast, so it seemed like a lot. I mean, my whole menu today was a muesli type cereal (probably like two tablespoons of it), a cup of yoghurt and a piece of toast for breakfast, an apple for morning snack, a chicken and bacon wrap with mayo, cheese, lettuce and tomato for lunch, a package of nuts, a muesli bar and a kiwi fruit (to have with lunch and afternoon snack), and then I had mac and cheese for dinner.

The food itself is pretty good, but I have to admit that I’m pretty picky and struggle with weird (or even just different to what I would do) textures of food. So, I don’t know. I guess I’ll get used to it? And if it works and I lose weight, then it will be worth it. I also promise I’m not going to become obsessed with food and write about nothing else every day either! It’s just that today was the first day, so it was all new and strange and on my mind a lot.

Emma and I did some knitting together today. It’s honestly so nice to spend time with her as she’s growing up, even if it is watching “Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole” and knitting, ha ha ha! We sat on my bed and she started her fingerless mitts and I worked on my baby blanket and we talked about being poor and homeless and it was lovely. Her knitting is really improving – she can still only knit, not purl, but her stitches are getting much more even.

Maybe it’s spending so much time knitting the baby blankets, but I dreamed I was pregnant last night. I was absolutely devastated – in the dream I was out shopping because the baby could come at any time, and I bought a package of bottles and a Star Wars onesie and sobbed the entire time. It was utterly miserable. When I woke up I was very glad that Troy took one for the team and got snipped so that a surprise pregnancy is not something that I have to worry about.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 7th April 2016

  1. Well I’m really interested in the Lite and Easy stuff, so feel feel to write what you get to eat each day! haha, it will be like the fun of reading the outfit descriptions in Babysitters Club books!
    And knitting with Emma sounds so nice!! I want to be there too watching tv and knitting with you!

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