Tuesday 5 April 2016

Luna is such a funny dog sometimes. Today she was just sitting in the sun by the front door with an egg in between her front paws! Jericho took it off her and she was really not happy with that…five minutes later Jericho went outside and found her trotting up the backyard from the chicken coop with another egg in her mouth! It was hilarious, and frankly I am just quite amazed that she was able to carry raw eggs around in her jaws without even cracking the shells. I also laughed because Jericho took all the eggs away so that she couldn’t get at them and break them, but he put them up on the bench and one of them immediately rolled off and smashed on the floor. So, zero breakages for the dog, not so for Jericho.

I love Jericho’s sense of humour though. I bought M&Ms for my snack at the supermarket, and as we were walking through the carpark I said that I was eating chocolate like there was no tomorrow and Jericho (who knows I’m getting Lite and Easy) widened his eyes and said in a dramatic, doom-laden voice, “For you, there is no tomorrow for chocolate.”

I had to get up unreasonably early for a holiday morning today and go and get my liver ultrasound. There’s not much to say about it really – she poked and prodded and took a thousand ultrasound pictures, and then that was it. They send everything to the doctor electronically now. Which kind of sucks, because I always liked to get their little report and reassure myself that there was nothing really wrong with me, but now I have to wait until I can make a doctor’s appointment.

At least the ultrasound was quite quick. I thought that since I was already up and out (and still fasting) I may as well go and do the blood tests as well, and I had to wait ages there. Fortunately Troy had no early appointments though, so he was able to stay with the kids.

Emma, Jericho, Soren and I went to Spotlight in the morning as well. Emma has been practising her knitting over the holidays, just using up the ball of yarn that she got for her birthday, so I thought she might like to make herself some fingerless mitts (basic rectangle, seamed up the side with a gap for a thumb) and offered to buy her a ball of yarn of her own choice. She chose one of the most garishly coloured yarns they had, but it’s chunky and should knit up fairly quickly. She’ll be so cute with her own handmade mitts! I’m really proud of her for sticking with it. I offered to teach her how to purl, which would expand her skills, but she seems pretty happy just knitting in garter stitch for now.

Really, the most surprising thing about the trip was that I walked out of Spotlight with only the single ball of yarn for Emma that we’d gone in to get. I resisted everything.


One thought on “Tuesday 5 April 2016

  1. Max loves eggs too and steals them from the pram if we’ve collected them and then gone into the backyard. And carries them around so gently too!

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