Sunday 3rd April 2016

Today seemed so long. Well, with the extra hour from changing from daylight savings to regular time it was longer than normal, but with Troy and I tired from staying up late last night and four children who were all EXTREMELY tired and cranky after having a sleepover at Grandma and Pop’s house we all really felt it!

The kids all enjoyed their sleepover. Alex, Zach and Gaby stayed over too, so it was both fun for them and also a very noisy, very late sleepover. Let’s just say that none of my kids deal with being tired very well, and leave it at that.

Troy and I had a great evening without them though. The new season of Game of Thrones has finally come out here, and since we decided to rewatch the earlier seasons before we saw the new one we took advantage of no children being around to binge watch most of the first season. I’m really enjoying it – I’ve seen it before but now I’ve also read the books and so rewatching it I’m finding a whole lot of little moments and lines that didn’t really register with me the first time I saw it but now are all rife with significance.

We stopped it in time to watch Bellator though. Gotta get in some MMA on a Saturday night!

I did a lot of knitting while we were watching all this. I’m working on another baby blanket for donation, doing a basketweave stitch in stripes of white, pinks and purples. At the moment I’m using up acrylic yarn that I’ve just had sitting around (I’ve made toys with it in the past), even though I don’t love this yarn at all. But I have to be realistic – I can’t afford to make lots of blankets in my preferred (cotton) yarn and I shouldn’t become a yarn snob anyway. Once I’ve used up what I have at home I shall have to find yarn that fits both the criteria of affordability and what I will actually find pleasurable to knit with.

In other yarn related news, I rolled my first ball of yarn yesterday. It felt like quite an achievement, making a tidy ball of yarn. It was also incredibly, unbelievably, utterly tedious to do. It was 422.4 metres of yarn, and it took a long and boring time to roll it up…this is clearly a downside to making socks.

Steve brought the kids back from their sleepover this morning and then he and Troy dismantled the swing set and Steve took it back to their place in the ute. Our kids are really too big for the swings and so we’ve been wanting to get rid of it for a while – Jean and Steve babysit Brett’s little boys sometimes though, so they thought they’d have it at their house for them to play on. It opens up our backyard a little bit, not having the swing set. We’ve still got a tyre swing on the willow tree and the children’s beloved trampoline, so no one really lacks something to do out there.

We took the kids out shopping this morning, which is always a delight. Actually, considering how tired they were they were pretty good. We went to Amart sports for a new hockey grip for Troy’s stick first, which was easy. Really he needs a new stick (his is all new grip and duct tape now) but he’s putting it off for now. Then we went to Lilydale Marketplace for the new Game of Thrones season and to get something for lunch at dinner. We also checked out the closing down Dick Smith store, where everything was marked down now that they’re going out of business.

It took much debate on the drive home and then at home, but Troy went back in the afternoon and bought us a new tv. Their tvs, which weren’t super expensive in the first place, were all marked down 20-30%, and our current tv had a couple of rows of dead pixels that showed up as constant lines on our screen, as well as some weird shadows on it where the screen was slowly dying. So a new tv has been on our ‘to-buy’ list for a while, and this seemed like a good opportunity. So now we have a nice shiny new tv, that seems rather unsettlingly bright and clear…it’s definitely one of those things where we were so used to the old tv we no longer noticed how terrible it was, ha ha ha.

Nicholai is such a know it all teenager at the moment! My god, it’s obnoxious. He is just all “I-know-everything-and-i-am-so-sarcastic-and-so-much-cooler-than-you-and-all-your-lame-interests-and-I’m-going-to-tell-you-all-about-it-constantly.” Blah blah blah. Honestly, the idea of having multiple teenagers living in my house in the future just makes me want to run away.


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