Friday 1st April 2016

Nicholai is challenging himself to go without technology. I know I should be proud of the child for doing something difficult, but…why? WHY???? Nicholai going without technology just punishes the rest of the family.

I felt like such a bad dog owner today when I took Luna for her haircut. With her skin reactions to the wandering jew out in the backyard she’s been licking and scratching like mad, so she had a couple of bald patches and heaps of matted fur. The groomer seemed to be judging me so hard, especially when she found burrs and ‘flea dirt’ (whatever that is – the dog hasn’t had fleas in ages) in the matts as well. I felt all small and ashamed – truly Luna was in a pretty bad state, but it’s the only time she’s ever had her fur matted up like that, and it really was only because of all the rubbing and scratching due to her allergies. (We have been trying to clear out all the stuff that she’s sensitive too and she gets antihistamines when she gets itchy, but the damage was done). So the groomer said it might take an hour and we’d have to pay an extra fee because of all the matts as well, and I felt like a monster.

However after we went and had lunch and looked around the junk warehouse near Petstock we went back to pick her up and the groomer was much friendlier. She said that Luna was absolutely brilliant, easiest dog in the world to clip and groom, just sat and stood nicely for the clippers and the nail clipping and everything. We talked about her food and her itchiness (which is honestly much better, the bald patches are nowhere near as obvious now that she’s clipped short everywhere else) and then I paid and we were on our way. The did a great job too actually, her fur is all super short and even and so soft.

Petstock have two guinea pigs living in their store now, which Jericho was very interested in. I’ve told him he can get a guinea pig for his birthday in July, since he loves animals and I figure at ten he can be responsible for feeding and watering and cleaning out a cage. He is really excited for this to happen, and doesn’t even mind that he won’t get any other presents really, since once we buy a hutch and accessories and then a pair of guinea pigs (he thinks he’s only getting one, but I’ll get two so that they won’t be lonely) that will pretty much be over the birthday budget anyway.

Our holidays are really going well. The kids are having fun just doing their own thing around home, and they’re even getting along with each other beautifully. (Fingers crossed I haven’t just jinxed this). They’re going on a sleepover with their cousins at Steve and Jean’s tomorrow, which they’re looking forward to, but apart from that we don’t really have any more plans. Just relaxing I think.


2 thoughts on “Friday 1st April 2016

  1. I’m glad you are having nice holidays. It helps having good weather too. Can you please (just when you get a free moment) get a photo of Em without her braces!! I bet she looks so different. We got to mum and dads today. So far we have had a nice time. I love you, love Elle xoxox

  2. I actually have your old Guinea pig cage that licorice was in if you need/want it back? It’s just in the shed holding peacock feathers at the moment.

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